K11 Water-Proof Paint (Advanced Flexibility)

Product Present

K11 Water-Proof Paint (Advanced Flexibility), selecting imported high polymer water-proof emulsion and multiple assistants as the basic raw materials, is a two components polymer modified water-proof paint.


Normal condition, 1.6-1.8kg/㎡/2-3coats (the actual consumption is subject to the purpose, application areas, roughness of substrate and environment).

Application Condition

  • Excellent flexibility, be able to hide cracks (no more than 2mm wide). 

  • Waterborne environmental-friendly products.

  • Suitable for damp substrate. 

  • Erosion-resistant (cause by carbonate and chloride).

  • Decoration layer can be applied directly after water-proof film fully dried and firmed. 

  • Desirable water-proof and weather shield properties. 

Product physical-mechanical properties comply with GB/T23445-2009 Standard.

Construction Program

  • Substrate should be clean, firm without dirt, oil stains or other fragmentary materials. 

  • Surface flat pre-treat by applying grouting mortar. Use spatula to re-shape the corner to present V shape or semi-circle shape. 

  • Moisturize the substrate (no obvious droplet spotted) before application.

  • Pour the powder material into the liquid material (liquid material: powder material=1:1.5(weight)) and fully stir for 2 – 3 min until no jelly with uniform size being spotted. 

  • Application (2-3 coats in total): use brush and roller to finely apply. Recoat (second coat) until the first coat touch dried (normally 1-2hrs). Cross apply between two coats. Moisturize the previous coat if it is solidified. 


  • Fully protect the film from any detriments for approximate 24hrs after application.

  • Use up the finely stirred product within 1 hr.

  • Do not apply in inclement weather conditions, such as rain, snow, sanding and windy day. 

  • Decoration application should wait until the film hard dried, which normally takes for one week.

  • Place in cool and well-ventilated areas at temperature between 5℃ and 40℃, and keep away from moisture. 

  • The product is a non inflammable or explosive item that can use normal shipment. Avoid exposing to strong sunlight and freeze during shipment.