Texture Paint

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Product Present

Raw materials like premium emulsion polymer as binder, inorganic mineral and natural sand are selected to formulate this 3D visual effect paint.

Application Scope

It can be applied to all flat substrates of construction exterior mineral wall, also is the ideal surface decoration solution of insulation system.

Product Specification

Main Content: acrylic resin, natural sand, additive and water
Touch Dry Time: ≤4 hrs (standard climate condition)
Recoating Time: 24 hrs (temperature>5℃, Humidity<85%)
Theoretical Consumption: 4-5kg/㎡ (note: The dry film thickness is 2mm. The actual consumption is subject to the application wastage and pattern variety)

Application Condition

  • Highly close appearance to natural stone

  • Wide application scope

  • Good durability and color retention, the effect will maintain more than 10 years

  • Anti-corrosion, water-repelling, anti-alkaline and anti-stain

  • Ideal flexible paint film can cover tiny crack on wall surface

  • Energy-saving and environmental-friendly, it is and alternative to natural stone decoration

  • Lighten 60% weight of the envelope

  • Highly competitive price, only 10~20% of real stone cost

  • Easy application and maintenance

Effect Expression

Application System

Application Technology


  • Product should be sealed at place, where is clean, dry, cool, non-frozen between 5℃ and 35℃ and is away from rain and sun.

  • Basement requirements: Firm, solid, dry, flat, clean, dust free, and no oil stain.

  • Putty layer checking: Check the moisture content (≤10%) and pH (≤10) of putty layer before applying primer.

  • Environment requirements: Temperature of the basement should higher than 5℃, humidity should lower than 85%.

  • Evenly apply Primer/sealer to seal substrate completely.

  • DO NOT tint the primer to black to replace marking paint.

  • Stirring it well before use. Add less than 5% (by weight) water to dilute if necessary.

  • Tough drying time ≥4h/25℃  Recoat time ≥24h/25℃.

  • Ample shall be carefully checked to confirm the color. An entire wall shall apply the same batch product to avoid color difference. 

  • Same wall application shall maintain the same equipment pressure, application method and film thickness to avert cracking, uneven cover, color difference, floating etc.

  • The application should avoid windy, rainy and snowy day.

  • Clean application tools after use with water. 

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