Granite Paint

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3trees Granite Paint is mainly made of pure acrylic emulsion, through Water-in-water Micro Capsules Granulating technology, we make different coated color granules to uniform and stabilized two phase system which including dispersion phase and continuous phase. The technology surpasses traditional waterborne coating technology. The product has perfect simulation effect, weathershield and color retention performance, it can cover fine crack effectively.

Application Condition

  • Good simulation effect, rich colors and excellent decorative ability.

  • Solid film, water proof, anti alkali, anti scrubbing  and anti acid rain.

  • Good durability and color retention, the effect will maintain more than 15 years.

  • Energy-saving and environmental-friendly, it is and alternative to natural stone decoration.

  • Widely used in different substrates.

  • Lighten 90% weight of the envelope.

  • Safe and no falling risks.

  • 70%  Competitive Price (can reduce 70% of the construction costs).

  • Ideal flexible paint film can cover tiny crack on wall surface.

  • Easy application, forming the film at a time.

Effect Expression

Application System

Application Technology

  • Step 1: Substrate Treatment

  • The substrate should be flat without crack and hollowing. Moisture Content ≤10% , pH≤10.

  • Step 2: Apply Putty

  • Apply 3trees Anti-cracking Rough Putty (1 coat)

  • Step 3: Laid Glass Fiber Grid Cloth 

  • Before the putty was drying, laid glass fiber grid cloth.

  • Step 4: Apply Fine Putty

  • Scraping the fine putty with vertical running rule.

  • Step 5: Diving Joint

  • Diving joint according to the design, cutting with special tools. 

  • Step 6: Sanding

  • Use Scraper knife to clean the surface and remove residues.

  • Step 7: Apply Fine Putty

  • Scraping the fine putty with horizontal running rule.

  • Step 8: Sanding

  • Use Scraper knife to clean the surface and remove residues.

  • Step 9: Filling the Diving Joint

  • Filling the diving joint with fine putty,sanding it after drying.

  • Step 10: After applying 3trees Exterior Wall Putty 2 coat,diving joint with special diving tools.

  • Step 11: Sanding with 360 mesh or 400 mesh sanding paper,the thickness of the basement should within 0.5mm.

  • Step 12: Water Maintain

  • Water maintain 3-4 times(Basement pH<9).

  • Step 13: Protection

  • Protect the painted doors or windows and other things do not need paint.

  • Step 14: Apply Primer

  • Apply primer 1 coat.

  • Step 15: Apply Middle Paint

  • Apply middle paint 2 coats.

  • Step 16: Apply Granite Paint

  • Apply granite paint 2 coats.

  • Step 17: Apply Topcoat

  • Apply topcoat 1 coat.

Construction Program


  • Product should be sealed at place, where is clean, dry, cool, non-frozen between 5℃ and 35℃  and is away from rain and sun.

  • Basement requirements: Firm, solid, dry, flat, clean, dust free,and no oil stain.

  • Putty layer checking: Check the moisture content (≤10%) and pH (≤10) of putty layer before applying primer.

  • Environment requirements: Temperature of the basement should higher than 5℃, humidity should lower than 85%.

  • Brush primer evenly and sealing the basement completely.

  • Finely stir before use. Add less than 3% (by weight) water to dilute if necessary(shake the container not stir when add water).

  • Recoat time will be 8 hours under common condition(drying time will differ with the change of temperature and humidity).

  • Sample shall be carefully checked to confirm the color. An entire wall shall apply the same batch product to avoid color difference. 

  • Same wall application shall maintain the same equipment pressure, application method and film thickness to avert cracking, uneven cover, color difference, floating etc.

  • The application should avoid windy,rainy,and snowy day .

  • Clean application tools after use with water.

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