Epoxy Floor Coating Self-leveling Series

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Product Present

Epoxy Self-leveling Floor Coating is a two-component, self-leveling, and seamless floor coating system that can form thick film at a time which can last long with smooth surface. The product is suitable for the places with strict construction requirements.

Application Scope

This product can be applied to ultra-clean, flat, dust-free and sterility environment such as the laboratory or workshop of electronic, pharmaceutical, chemical and mechanical industries.

Application Condition

  • Surface flat and mirror effect

  • Scrubbing resistance, pressure resistance and abrasion resistant

  • Anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-salt and anti oil corrosion 

  • Thickness: 1~3mm

Application Technology


Mixing with low speed (300~500rpm). Pouring component B into Component A and stir it fully. After 3 minutes thorough mixing, apply the paint immediately.

Application index

  • Mix Ratio: SDP-301A:SDP-301B=4:1 

  • Quality Stability After Mixing(25℃):30 min. Higher the temperature is, shorter the period. Please stop construction if the temperature is higher than 35℃.

  • Thinner:NO need to add thinner under the condition of 10~35℃. 2% of thinner is required to add when temperature between 5~10℃. Thinner: SDP-501X.

  • Dry Time:Surface dry:≤6hrs.  Thorough dry:≤48 hrs.

  • Recoat Period:24 hrs. under normal conditions ( make sure the film is completely dry)

  • Instruction:The measurement of drying time is under normal conditions(25℃,50% relative humidity) reference only. Drying time also varies due to the differences of coating thickness, ventilation conditions and condition of previous coating.

Construction Method

Buttering: Choose the right trowel with suitable tooth length. If the thickness of coating is 1mm, the length of trowel tooth should be 2mm. Use needle type exhaust roller to stab the coating to avoid bubbles.

Spray: High pressure airless spray.


After application use thinner SDP-501X clean the equipment, remove solidified film with machine.

Application Restriction

This product should be kept away from strong sunlight or UV.

Construction Program

  • Substrate Treatment: The substrate should be plain, clean and no flakes.

  • Primer Application: The surface should be dust off. Apply epoxy sealer (SDP - 101) on the surface uniformly, use roller to brush so as to strengthen the substrate, sealing the pores, and improve the adhesion of paint. Be careful not to miss any place, avoid thick painting.

  • Mortar Application: Mixing Solvent Free Epoxy Middle paint (SDP-201) with quartz sand (40~100mesh), use scraper to apply the paint to a certain thickness. The surface should be smooth and no falling.

  • Putty Application: Mixing Solvent Free Epoxy Middle paint (SDP-201) with putty which is made from quartz sand or talcum powder. After drying, sand it and make it clean. No penetrating through, no floating sand, keep the surface smooth and no salient.

  • Buttering: Fully stir Epoxy Self-leveling Topcoat with hardener, use trowel to flatten the floor. Use defoaming roller to anti foaming. Keep the surface clean and the consistency of color.

  • Substrate of Coating Series

  • Reference Consumption

NameItem Number


Epoxy Sealer


0.1~0.2  kg/

Solvent Free Epoxy Middle paint


0.6~0.8  kg/

Epoxy Self-leveling Topcoat


1.0~1.2  kg/


After application use thinner SDP-501X clean the equipment, remove the solidified film with machine.


This product should be kept away from strong sunlight and UV.

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