I0305 Odorless Bacteria Defender

Product Present

It is specially formulated for antibacterial and bacterial retaining purposes, offering a new definition of environmental protection, which also suits for the interior decoration of residential area, premium buildings and public utilities.
Main components:Acrylic emulsion
Sheen &Color:Matt, white (Please refer to 3TREE specialized color card for other color requests)
Packaging:7kg*2cans, 20kg

Application Condition

  • Anti-bacteria

  • Odorless

  • Short construction period, easy application

  • Ideal washable performance (>5,000 times)

Application Technology

  • Substrate should be clean,dry,neutral,flat,dust free,grease free and no impurities.The leaking position should be sealed. And then Sanding the substrate before paint. Ensure the humidity is less than 10%,pH value is small than 10.The quality of the final effect is up to the flatness of the substrate.

  • Application Condition:Temperature≥5℃,Humidity≤85%

  • Application Method:Spray,Roller,Spray

  • Dilution Ratio:Dilute with water and the practical ratio should consider about weather,basement,application method.

  • Theoretical consumption:0.09~0.11 kg/㎡/coat (thickness of dry film: 2mm). 

  • Dry time:Touch dry, 2H/25℃; Recoat time, 4H/25℃

  • Clean application tools after use with water.


  • The paint should keep out of children reached

  • Please keep ventilation during application.Please wear a mask when sanding the wall.

  • Please wear necessary labor protection appliance when application, like eye shield,glove and painter cloth.

  • Use water to clean and see a doctor immediately if the paint splash into the eyes.

  • DO NOT pour leftover in sewer to cause block

  • Clean the residual paint up according to the local environmental protection standard.

  • The product should be sealed storage at 1-40℃.

  • Please refer to the label of production date,batch number, shelf life.