Acrylic Ester Water-Proof Paint (Multi-functional type)

Product Present

It is a single component high polymer water-proof paint formulated on the basis of acrylic polymer emulsion, several additive agents and inorganic filler.

Application Scope

Roof tops, wall surfaces, toilets and bathrooms, balcony etc.


Normal condition, 1.8-2.0kg/㎡ for 2-3 coats in total (the actual consumption is subject to the purpose, application areas, roughness of substrate and environment).

Application Condition

  • Easy to apply.

  • Desirable performances at impact of high & low temperature, UV-resistant, anti-cracking and anti-aging capacity. 

  • Environmental-friendly product. 

Product physical-mechanical properties comply with JC/T864-2008 Standard.

Application Technology

  • Substrate should be clean, firm without dirt, oil stains or other fragmentary materials. 

  • Surface flat pre-treat by applying grouting mortar. Use spatula to re-shape the corner, presenting V shape or semi-circle shape. 

  • Moisturize the substrate (no obvious water spotted) before application.

  • Application (2-3 coats in total): use brush or roller to finely apply. Recoat (second coat) until the first coat touch dried. Cross apply between two coats. One more coat is required for corner and pipe line areas. Moisturize the previous coat if it is solidified. 

  • Maintain intermittent agitating to avert product sediment.


  • Do not apply in inclement weather conditions, such as rain, snow, sanding and windy day.

  • Decoration application should wait until film hard dried. 

  • Pre-treat leaking areas with obvious droplets. 

  • Cleaning: use water to clean up un-dried splashes stick to clothing, get mechanical assistant when hard dried. 

  • Use protection while applying.

  • Place in cool and well-ventilated areas at temperature between  5℃ and 40℃, and keep away from moisture. 

  • The product is a non inflammable or explosive item that can use normal shipment. Avoid exposing to strong sunlight and cold during shipment.