K11 Water-Proof Paint (Flexibility)

Product Present

This is an eco-friendly product based on high polymer water-proof emulsion, multiple inorganic material and additive agents. Avail itself of the permeable mechanism of permeable crystalline material to concrete, along with the binding ability, water preserving capability, flexibility and permeable crystallization to concrete pore structure of grouting mortar, it doubles the waterproofing function.

Application Scope

• Concrete, brick and mortar wall surface and floor.
• Basement, parking lots, balcony, bath room, floor and garage.
• Wiping treatment for paving stone, ceramic tile, wood floor and wall paper to prevent damp and salinity contamination.


Normal condition, 1.5-2.0kg/㎡ (the actual consumption is subject to the purpose, application areas, roughness of substrate and environment).

Application Condition

  • Excellent cohesive force. Apply ceramic tile directly after water-proof film fully dried

  • Eco-friendly product

  • Preferred flexibility, can bear light vibration and shifting

  • Enzyme-resistant

Product physical-mechanical properties comply with JC/T984-2011 Standard.

Application Technology

  • Substrate should be clean, firm without dirt, oil stains or other fragmentary materials. 

  • Surface flat pre-treat by applying grouting mortar. Use spatula to re-shape the corner to present V shape or semi-circle shape.  

  • Apply to concrete substrate, which should be dry & firm and misted without obvious droplet perceived.

  • Mixing: pour the powder material into the additive agent (liquid material: powder material=1:2.75 (weight)) while stirring until no jelly with uniform size being spotted. Maintain intermittent agitating to avert product sediment.

  • Application: use brush and roller, no leaking apply. For damp-proof purpose, one coat is enough. For water-proof purpose, 2 or 3 coats are needed. Recoat (second coat) until the first coat touch dried (normally 1-2hrs). Cross apply between two coats with the DFT of 1-2mm in total. Moisturize the previous coat if it is solidified. 

  • Film protection: keep away from stepping on, rain, exposing to sunlight and scratching until the film is fully dried and solidified. 

  • Film maintaining: covering by wet clothing or spraying water (24 hrs after application) are suggested, normally lasts for 2 to 3 days. Keep the ambient environment ventilated to shorter the processing time. 


  • No water needed. Avoid mixing this product with other materials or additive agents.

  • Use up the finely stirred product within 1 hr.

  • Not suitable for areas under significant structure vibration, shifting and contraction conditions. 

  • Do not apply in inclement weather conditions, such as rain, snow, sanding and windy day. 

  • The product contains cement, would react with water. In case of contact, flush with water and soap. If irritation persists, get medical attention.

  • Place in cool and well-ventilated areas at temperature between 5℃ and 40℃ and keep away from moisture. 

  • The product is a non inflammable or explosive item that can use normal shipment. Avoid exposing to strong sunlight and freeze during shipment.