Culture Origin: continuous reproduction breeds in an endless succession. Life in nature.

The brand name of 3trees had a long history of traditional Chinese culture.

“Three” reflected the theory of “breed all things” also indicated enterprise would develop prosperously.

“Tree” was the embodiment of the endless cycle of evolution concept and indicated that enterprise will survive longer.

Tree, landscape and communion, symbiosis with heaven and earth, coexist with the sun and the moon. Roots soil, towering stands; flourish, supporting mutually dependent. The flowering and fruiting, human gifts; attributable to natural, nature of all things; such as canopy cover, cover the sun send cool; concentric rings, endless.

Grassroots Culture: always carry forward hardworking, thrift spirit.

No matter how successful the future would be, people of 3trees always have the hardworking spirit, which reflected in the management of enterprise: no leftover when eating at the dinner room; clean the table after meal; sourcing in turns with purchasing dept etc.

Forgot the past meant betrayal. Therefore, even 3trees implemented automatic production line today, the president Mr. Hong was still no willing to sell the old equipment systems. It was not so much a nostalgic complex, instead was more like a memory of the difficulty past. Like what he used to say: we cannot forget the spirit and work style of the first generation of entrepreneurs.”

Efficiency Culture: pay attention to the efficiency and finish daily work.

“Quantization” is the most frequent word used by Mr. Hong to evaluate work plan. He emphasized that: all the work should avoid “try”, “ASAP” and other similar words. Work must be quantified, five elements of time, place, people, things and stuff must be applied to anything.”

Efficiency was the key factor to determine the competitiveness of enterprise. 3trees established incentive mechanism of focusing on efficiency. In terms of enterprise performance, apart from efficiency, employee work assessment against complete timeline shall also be considered. Company set up a number of quantitative indicators, reward & punishment mechanism to access work efficiency, and ensured the improvement.  

In the early of 2007, the company issued a commitment to service policy indicating the efficiency quantity to all service sectors. In November 2010, 3trees introduced The Notification of Finish Daily Work, requiring marking the send & receiving on all documents. This move improved the efficiency of files reading and verifying, and avoid dragging phenomenon.

Quantity index and efficient work became 3trees towards the conscious behavior. Also promote employee working behavior.

Right to do Culture, do it well.

Nowadays, there still were dragging work, mission execution passively and stop working when encounter difficulty. All of those severely affect working efficiency. To advocate fast work style, improve work efficiency, in August 2015, 3trees fully studied and promoted “right do” culture.

1.Right to do: immediate action, no dragging;

2.Solve the problem quickly, ultimate perfection, create value;

3.Customers are the top important; serve them in advance to move them. Take the initiative to serve both upstream and downstream to win the respect of colleagues and the praise of the exclamation point.

Mountain Climbing Culture.

Employees of 3trees should establish a mountain conquer spirit, work hard.

The road is out of itself.

Coming from mountain area, Mr. Hong had a strong interest of mountain climbing, believing that it was the best physical exercise to hone his own will. Since the day that 3trees was born, Mr. Hong had updated this mountain climbing culture to enterprise culture. Having insisted for almost 20 years, Mr. Hong not only deeply understood the profound meaning of this sentence, but also extended it to a self-inspiring slogan:” the road is out of itself.” He repeatedly encouraged innovation during the work. According to his words, took the old road was safe and stable, but had no challenge, nor the success. Only this kind of adventure process more experience of pioneering road. This achievement was more intense at the damp moment. 

Conquer the two mountains 

There was a mountain called “Jiuhua” in the front side of 3trees. People of 3trees constantly paid a visit to this mountain, become it was not just a mountain, but also a mountain that need to conquer in the heart of 3trees’ employees. 

Under the requirement of Mr. Hong Jie, all the manage level of 3trees shall climb and reach the mountain peak in a certain time. He stressed that any 3trees management personnel shall hold the faith of “tolerate and pressure”. To train themselves to conquer these two mountains: one was the real Jiuhua Mountain, set a high standard, and honed their own, practice a strong power. Another one was the work mountain; employees shall keep learning, not afraid of difficulty, to conquer, to challenge their own limits, improved function and quality, calmly dealt with working peak brought by the rapid development of company. 

People as mountain peak

In the mountain climbing culture, 3trees people were convinced that there was no road further than foot, no mountain higher than people. Under the influence of high management level, mountain climbing became an outdoor sport of 3trees people. During the climbing, staffs had more opportunity to communicate with each other, deepening the management and communication between employees, enhancing the tacit understanding between each other. 

Stand higher and see farther. When reached the mountain peak, 3trees people would realize the meaning of climbing the life peak while enjoyed the beautiful view. Company staffs shall keep learning, not afraid of difficulties, to conquer, to challenge their own limits, improved function and quality, calmly dealt with working peak brought by the rapid development of company.

Reading Culture: read every day. 

3trees had library staff, and every year to provide significant amount of journals, books and newspapers for the employees. President Mr. Hong Jie personally anchored the “President of Book Recommendation” bookshelf to recommend good books. In June 2015, the OA platform of 3trees established Reading Culture column, suggesting high level management shall read and share good books monthly. And this formed good reading habit among the company. 

Daily realize the truth or philosophic theory is one of the merits of reading culture. In the early of 2009, the company required the high level management should think comprehensively about the management work, important affair, learning experience etc and upload the theory to the platform for inner communication. In 2012, the habit expended to middle management level. People of 3trees learned and communication with each other depending on the OA platform.

Training: Training is the maximum benefit of employees. 

At 3trees, to learn or to be eliminated. 3trees has invested a significant amount of fund into training system and established a comprehensive training programme, including product operation, human resource & financial, product planning, marketing etc. Every employee had 60 hrs of training time per year. The company also set up E-learning system to provide thousand sessions for employees. Employees’ growth represented the future of enterprise. Mr. Hong Jie delivered a lesson to new employees personally every month. University graduates should have 20 days of Yu Shu session to deeply understand 3trees culture. 

Height leads the view, angle changes ideas. To cultivate talents and enhance the ability, 3trees implemented backup cadres training promoted cadres training, expert forum management course and invite famous expert to train staffs. 3trees also cared about her business partner by launching training session even at the famous university like Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Xiamen University etc to extend mind and enhance management. 

Open Culture: the company gate is always open. 

Culture is the soul of an enterprise, reflecting the enterprise spirit. Without it, the enterprise will lose its vigor and vitality. Open is the fundamental power for enterprise to move forward. Without it, enterprise will lose power and the source. Open culture is the source of life to provide the continuous development power for enterprise. To set up the fastest developing paint enterprise in China, needs open culture to promote enterprise cohesion and bearing capacity; needs an open mind and courage to enhance the competitiveness and influence of enterprise.

3trees open culture in daily life was showing: employees from all over the country. Mr. Hong Jie’s relatives were mostly financial background but were not working in the company financial department. All the employees can give their constructive ideas to the company. The company needs then to improve. The companies periodically carried out employees’ satisfaction survey and published the result. In addition, the company set up a service supervision hotline for the community. All employees, business partners etc can send their suggestions and complaints directly to the president’s mail box. HR department set up employees communication day weekly at Saturday morning 9:30-11:30am to listen to their suggestion to all kinds of issues. 

Party Building Culture: improve the party’s mission.

3trees responded to the call of the government positively to promote the party activities in the company, construction group. In August 2003, the first district of non-public economic organizations of the Party School of Fujian "of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Licheng District, Putian City non-public economic organizations Party School" settled in the company; In December 2005, the company became the non-public enterprises in Licheng District established the first Youth League. Company party trade unionist have sound, to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the staff, to provide a strong guarantee for the rapid development of the company, and has won the national "workers vanguard", "Fujian provincial advanced grassroots party organizations, the provincial League Committee" youth civilization "and the honorary.

In September 2015, Qin Yizhi, the first Secretary of the Central Committee visited 3trees and expressed appreciation of gathering youth cohesion and positive energy, promote business development. 3trees party volunteer group’s spirit of an exemplary model and actions, driven by all staff forge ahead in unity, promoted production, improved efficiency, established the image, promoted company two civilization double harvest. The chairman of the committee selected through auditions represented employees, concerned about them, understand them, helping solving problems for them and providing legal services. It created a harmonious labor relation within the company.

Breaking the rules shall be punished, this is applied to all the people in the company, no exempt.

Even the king must be subject to the law. All the staffs in 3trees were treated equally and no one had any privilege. Breaking the rules shall be punished even the president Mr. Hong Jie. Once he was late for a meeting, ended up being punished by the company. 

Culture: Superiors were not allowed to accept gift or being treated for meal from their staffs.

In 3trees, superiors were not allowed to accept gift or being treated for meal from their staffs (except good books). In the market, company employees were not allowed to accept gifts from clients. On the contrary, the company encouraged employees to visit business partners with local gifts from Putian.

Transparent Culture: System transparent, organization transparent, communication transparent, and suggestion transparent. 

Transparent Culture had four meanings here:

1.System transparent: In front of the system, the position is transparent.

2.Organization transparent: In front of the work, the company ethics is transparent.

The company only weighed personal ability.

3.Transparent communication: communication was transparent in front of colleagues. No dialect allowed at work place at 3trees, otherwise, 50yuan charge will be issued. 

4.Suggestion transparent: suggestion was transparent in front of questions.