Pursue your dreams and aspirations; work hard and strive to be the number one; respect nature and care for your compatriots, and be full of vigor and vitality

Corporate spirits are the soul of an enterprise, and a great heartis the inner core of corporate spirits. An enterprise needs to be given truespirits no matter how big it will be and wherever it is going; thereby, itsspontaneous source power and creativity will be boosted unceasingly.


3Trees’ corporate spirits and mind which conform to the spirits oftrees embody its corporate spirituality and temperament. The accumulativedevelopment of corporate spirits out of nothing is originated from the spiritsand great heart of the founder(s) of the enterprise. Over the past 15 years,Mr. Hong Jie integrated the dreams and great heart of an entrepreneur into thequintessence of 3Trees. He led 3Trees to set the dream of securing annual salesin excess of RMB 100 billion and make its way ahead with national passion forserving the country by developing industries and a heart of altruism.

Pursue your dreams andaspirations. Perseverance in great ambition willlead to final results that one wants. A tree which does not yearn for the skywill not grow tall; an enterprise or a person that does not have a dream or agreat heart will not go far. Like each tree which looks up to the sky, sinceits establishment, 3Trees has aspired to create a healthy life for people andmake contributions to the creation of healthy home. It was determined to be thenumber one national brand in China in terms of coating at the first stage andnow it is devoted to be a global leading brand which spreads green footprintaround the planet. Besides, by following the business philosophy and the heartof altruism of “Tao models itself after nature” and “respecting heaven andloving people”, 3Trees keeps exploring the path to development, dreams and thefuture. 3Trees people are people of passion and dream. They are upright andgenerous. They give before getting rewarded. They work joyfully for a commonmission and values.


Work hard and strive to bethe number one. One is expected to make unremittingefforts and fight unceasingly for improving himself/herself. In an age of rapidchanges, one is doomed to be eliminated if he does not learn, explore or fight.An enterprise needs to seek development by advancing or it will lose ground.3Trees is always on its way to startup by setting higher goals and generatingbigger dreams. It has overcome difficulties and hardships on the road ofadvance by endeavoring to make itself strong and robust. Whether success orfailure in the future, 3Trees will always stick to its original aspiration andhard-working entrepreneurship spirits. Practical and aggressive, it will neveraccept defeat and will always fight to be the number one. Thrift, diligent, practical,studious, sunny and efficient, 3Trees people treat others and do things in away of seeking perfection; they always fight for the first and accept nodefeat; they go beyond themselves and pursue excellence.


Respect nature and carefor your compatriots, and be full of vigor and vitality. If an enterprise is full of great love, it will benefit from theeverlasting vitality brought by such great love throughout its lifetime. With15 years of development, 3Trees has shifted its focus from enterprise survivalto maximization of its social value. 3Trees is always true to its original aspirationof making selfless contributions for common prosperity and protecting ourplanet for the good of human beings. In the future, it will continue tomaintain its Tao of all in harmony and persist in making due contributions forenvironmental health, civilization progress of the society, industrialdevelopment and health of consumers. On its road of advance, 3Trees will spreadgreat love and pass positive energy to its users, partners, fighters and eventhe entire society, the whole Chinese nation and the whole world. Great lovegoes beyond borders. When one gives it, it will last forever with everlastingvitality.