Success Law: Target → Credibility → Dedication → Learning → Efforts

All employees follow the Success Law. Step by step, no shortcuts.

Mr. Hong Jie is the best model of the law. He is always good at setting different goals at different stage of life. He said, now he wishes to lead SKSHU to be No.1 in China coating industry and make a lot of people to be millionaires. 

Even being a billionaire, he still worked around 16 hours per day. Every first day of New Year, he usually made a visit to his employees. And on Labor Day and National holidays, he spared his time to get in touch with clients.

No matter how busy he is, 2 to 4 hours for learning has become a regular habit of Mr. Hong Jie. His brilliant knowledge is admired by his employees. However, he’s still pursuing master’s degree in Xiamen University.

Mr. Hong Jie insists an idea – “You can’t own others anything.”His own life standard can’t even match the level of managers in company. But he also request to invest more than CNY 3,000,000 for employees’ allowance.

Target Law: The greater target, the more achievement will realize.

Mr. Hone Jie thinks that the greater target a person or an enterprise wants to achieve, the more achievement will realize. When we dedicate ourselves to our dream, we’ll find that eventually we didn’t realize our goal all 100 percent though, but at least we could make 80 percent.

Problem Law: Approaches are always more than problems

If a person has the right values and life philosophy, he will be able to adjust himself in a short time when the difficulties and problems come up. He is capable of dealing with difficulties and problems with optimistic and positive spirit. Moreover, the one who initially searches the approaches will take responsibility and analyze every factor and make more progress than others. 

Time Law: Important issues come first.

Those efficient managers are very good at arranging time. They have systematized working method and pay high attention to the distribution. They are sensitive about their own advantages and seizing good timing. They have intensively concentration. They know which the priority is. It all comes from “Important issues come first.”

Benchmarking Law:Every department should benchmark an advanced enterprise or organization.

Benchmarking management is a method to search and learn from the best management cases and running modes. Learning from competitors can form relative competitive advantages and establish core competitive advantages.

Eight-Abstaining Law:

Abstaining from greed: Do NOT embezzle interests of company, employees and clients. 

Abstaining from favoritism: Do NOT break emotion regulation in company and maintain the ethic of company.

Abstaining from exaggeration: Do NOT promise the issues exceeding authority.

Abstaining from frauds: Do NOT deceive or be disrespectful to clients.

Abstaining from indolence: Do NOT deal with work negatively.

Abstaining from falseness: Do NOT break your own words or attack others

Abstaining from arrogance: Do NOT act arbitrarily.

Abstaining from irresponsibility: Do NOT shirk responsibility.

Talent Law: the standard to estimate the talent is if he is irreplaceable or not.

The core talent is not necessarily the senior managers.

Those who have outstanding distributions are also the core talent. 

The method to determine whether he is the manager that SKSHU needs is passion and blueprint. A passionate team created by a passionate manager. A blueprint achieved by a manager who has a blueprint.

Worriless Law: The employees who suffered accidents or misfortune can be supported by “Worriless Fund”.

The employees who suffered accidents or misfortune can be supported by company to ensure those employees could rest assure. On March 11th 2008, SKSHU established “Worriless Fund”. This move had won widely attention and praise from the community and society.