Brand Marketing

Eco-friendly Brand

The Brand Concept: Culture is the root, brand is the leaves.

If leaves are without its roots, no matter how much rain or sunshine, it can’t grow up after all, even wither; Brand is just like leaves, culture is the root. Without a strong culture, the brand won’t be so flourish. The brand lack of “nutrition” is a trade mark, a snow job.

Culture has good ones and bad ones. Some culture is fake culture. We have to do the “real” culture, which can be touched and seen. We will put it in our heart and take it into action.

Marketing and brand competition proves that the culture connotation is a motive force that can improve the additional value of brand and brand competitiveness, also a core resource of the value of the brand, a valuable asset of the enterprise. The brand with a good culture will bring people a kind of spiritual comfort and spiritual enjoyment. Thus, creating a brand is a refining and showing process of the cultural essence. When 3trees is shaping its brand image, culture is a catalyst which makes the brand more connotative and charming. The customer will remember the brand. This improves the recognition, reputation, and dependency of the brand. Eventually improves the market share of the brand.

Brand Allegation: 3trees Paint, Healthy Home.

In nature, animals will die so does the flowers and grass. But trees will be alive for many years.

“3trees-a good shelter for you” is the promise that 3trees always kept. The developing 3trees hold the opinion that returning back to our customers, dealers and the society is her duty. “3trees paint, healthy home” is the definition that 3trees made to herself, also a commitment to the public.

In the future, 3trees will be-

The one who always provide healthy products,

The one who advocate a healthy life style,

The one who train their staff to be healthy,

The one who spread the concept of health to our partners,

The one who has been a Chinese healthy developing enterprise in the industry,

The one who tries her best to facilitate the health and harmony for the society.


Brand Value: Health, Nature, Eco-friendly

3trees is the first one who put up with the concept of “healthy paint”. We advocate a healthy style, spreading a healthy culture.

Embodiment of Health and Nature:3trees represent flourish green nature, eco-friendly, and healthy. Motivate people to close to nature, to pursuit the healthy beautiful life. Range from product package, the terminal image to advertising, the tone of 3trees will never fade.

Embodiment of Vitality:3trees represent the vigorous and positive vitality. From the product performance to the environmental protection index, the fresh air has taken back to our customer’s home.

Embodiment of Teamwork:3trees shows a kind of independence, mutual cooperation and mutual development team spirit.

Embodiment of Mutual Development: 3trees represent the mutual development of enterprise, partners, and our customers.

Healthy Products

The Concept of Products

3trees insist the product standard of “the standard of checking the product is good or not is if it can improve human life” and the quality principle of “healthy, eco-friendly and safety.” Forging outstanding product features, being a leader in the industry, 3trees keeps breakthrough innovation. With the advantage of high technology, 3trees commits herself in developing “healthy, high quality” products. This has been widely accepted in the market, winning the reputation of “the real expert of health” in the Chinese paint&coating industry.

3trees takes the leading position in R&D of Chinese paint & coating technology. The healthy paint has the advantage that other brand don’t have for its eco-friendly product quality. Especially, all kinds of environmental indicators are strictly performed by 3trees. The health performance of the product has been the advanced level in international.

The R&D of the Products: “Production, Study, Research” mode, three independent R&D platform

3trees hires academicians of Chinese Academy of Science as our advisers, collaborating with Fujian Material Structure Research Institute to establish our coating R&D center. American expert Dr. Richard. E. Hart is our technology adviser. The professional R&D team composed of doctors from Oxford University has been the powerful booster of 3trees product and technology innovation. Besides, 3trees is collaborating with Chemical Institute of Chinese academy of science, Xiamen University, Fuzhou University and other scientific university. Grasp the latest updates of research results and technology in international coating. Keep up the newest technology.

Ten years, 3trees always pay attention to the R&D, spares no effort to invest huge energy in scientific research: establish a professional R&D team, seeking the cooperation opportunity with domestic and international R&D institute. 3trees has established a R&D platform of “National High-tech Enterprise”, “National Recognized Enterprise Technology Center”, “Experts Workstation”, and the research workstation of post-doctoral. The R&D ability of 3trees is very strong. On August 2012, 3trees test center was authorized as national recognized laboratory.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Concept: intensive cultivation, winning the terminals is the essence that dealer can make the profit. A dealer can make the profit is the survival assurance of the enterprise.

Terminals is our lifeblood, also mean money to our partners. We have to make sure that every dealer collaborated with 3trees can make their money. Or, we are not a qualified partner.

Only dealers make their money, the enterprise can make their profit, and the enterprise can survive, develop. If dealers are not profitable, everything that the enterprise has done is in vain.

Just like trees, only every tree grows can make a flourish forest. Therefore, the relationship between 3trees and its dealers is an equal, win-win system. Pursuit the win-win situation between the enterprise and its dealers, with mutual support and development, 3trees and its dealers will be a permanent strategic partner.

Overall Marketing: The department director and all the employees are as sales.

Based on market, client-oriented, 3trees strengthen the concept of its overall marketing concept. Under Mr. Hong’s avocation, all the employee of 3rees is as sales. Launch the unique system that all department directors are responsible for our dealers, performing point-to-point service.

3trees emphasize that all the employees should focus the sales department. R&D department, production department, finance department, administrative department, logistic department and other departments perform marketing management. All the employees which are not sales should close to the marketing and sales. Make sure that all the preparing work will combined with the market demand. All the work is one on the basis of marketing.

Sunshine Service

Service Concept: the dealer is father, the consumer is mother

3trees will take our dealers as like-minded partners in the growing business. In the market expansion, dealers are the shelter for 3trees from the rain, who are respected and regarded as father.

Terminal consumer is the rain that feeding 3trees thrived. Without our customers, we cannot be successful today, even less likely to have a better tomorrow. 3trees regards consumers as a kind mother, always respect her.

Service Goal: Exceed Clients’ Expectations

“Giving” is often mentioned by Mr. Hong when he is talking about our service concept. He said: The nature of service is giving. The giving that touch our customers, the giving that exceed our clients’ expectations. Only provide services that exceed our customers’ expectations can we cultivate their loyalty, gain our reputation and dependence.

Service Concept: Touch Our Customers, Be Respected by Colleagues.

The service objects of 3trees are divided into internal parts and external parts. The internal parts are our different departments. The external parts are for our dealers, distributors, customers and other service objects. We perform the whole service process both in internal parts and external parts. Besides, we have more than 200 service commitments. This is one of the few enterprises that implements the service commitment system and takes those into actions firmly. Make sure that we touch our customers, and be respected by our colleagues. 

In the external parts, based on our terminal customers, 3trees fully excavate connotation and denotation of the "TOP Service System”. We set up a sound service system, push forward the airless spraying services, computer color services, and training services for our millions of dealers. Which compose our service competitiveness.