Brand Marketing

Customer Orientation,Win-win Cooperation with Partner and Sharing with Fighters

3Trees’ core values center on its users,partners and fighters. We consider our users, employees and partners as ouruppermost stakeholders. It is our goal to maximize the value of these threesubjects. The maximization of the value of the enterprise or its shareholderswill be embodied naturally after the above goal is realized. This reflects 3Trees’spirit of altruism that people are foremost and helping others succeed willraise its own chance of success.


1. Customer Orientation

What is the user base of 3Trees? What do3Trees’ users need? What value can 3Trees create for its users? Driven by theInternet thinking, markets enter the age of users and it is now in the periodof transformation from traditional manufacturing industry to new serviceindustry. 3Trees puts forward the concept of customer orientation and raisescustomer research to the level of core strategy.


——Users’ value always comes first. 3Trees’ users refer to allindividuals and organizations that purchase, use and experience 3Trees’products and services. Users are the source of our revenue. Their recognitionfor 3Trees is the foundation of its survival. We shall always put their valueon the first place.


——Users’ needs are the driving force of our development. In this ageof people’s increasing demand for a better life, users need not only productswith satisfactory functions, quality and prices, but also added value, such asemotional experience, convenience, individualized customization, etc. As far ascoating is concerned, instead of the coating itself, users need health,environmental friendliness, aesthetic pleasure, durability and other featuresthat coating can create on walls and furniture as well as convenience, arelieved mind and other psychological pleasures in the process of coating.3Trees’ people will always consider end users’ sore points, focus of attentionand needs from their perspectives and probe continuously and deeply into theirbehavioral patterns and purchase habits. Based on this, they will carry out productR&D and design service models to achieve individualized customization forusers by using Internet technologies.


——User delight is the only criterion for measuring our work. Usersatisfaction is a basic criterion. We are aiming to exceed users’ expectations.User delight is the only criterion for measuring our work. We reform storeselling and service patterns, carry forward user membership management andportrait management gradually, push forward precision marketing and shared marketingmethods, provide standard service packages, transform foremen, serviceproviders and account managers into industrial workers of “ready-for-move-in”system and take advantage of online and offline, urban and rural, domestic andforeign omni-channel marketing so that users can experience 3Trees’ healthyproducts and delight services at any time and in any place.


2. Win-win Cooperation withOur Partners

3Trees’ Tao of win-win results is the wayto achieve win-win benefits for the entire industrial

chain. From investors, suppliers todealers, we will establish a community of shared interests, a

community of common cause and a communityof shared destiny with our partners who have new concepts, thinking andpatterns. We will create sustainable financial returns and promote common growthin our causes for our partners. 3Trees’ partners mainly include dealers andsuppliers. Dealers are the bridge between 3Trees and its users and they blaze atrail in expanding markets for 3Trees. The cooperation between 3Trees and thosesuppliers that share a common goal with 3Trees guarantees the quality of3Trees’ products and services. For the purpose of guaranteeing premier qualityand healthy performance of ultimate products, 3Trees only works withoutstanding suppliers which are among top ten globally and top five in all industriesin China. The common goal of 3Trees and its partners is to have more usersthrough providing high-cost-performance products and services to users and make3Trees’ cause stronger and better together so as to build a cooperativeecosphere with co-creation and win-win results.


——Community of shared interests. 3Trees will push forward its fourall-round approaches specific to dealers in order to achieve win-win results withthem. 3Trees will enter the post-investment attraction era in an all-round wayand initiate a new age of business facilitation; it will establish a dealerprofit model in an all-round way so that no dealer will suffer ANY loss; it willremove restrictive regulations in an all-round way to boost its customers’vitality; it will explore a co-creation model in an all-round way and establishnew partnership with big dealers through its attempts in the establishment of asupporting fund, equity cooperation, valuation adjustment mechanism (VAM),resource swap as well as shareholding-based operation by province, region andarea-level managers.


For suppliers and service providers, wewill further explore the way to exert 3Trees’ enterprise influence in order tomotivate the upstream and downstream industries to follow the path of healthy,environmentally friendly and sustainable development and achieve resource sharingand win-win benefits for upstream suppliers and downstream customers throughbuilding an ecological platform.


——Community of common cause. 3Trees will create a community of commoncause with

its shareholders, upstream and downstreamcooperators and investment partners. With a common goal, they will develop acommon cause and achieve wealth growth at a high speed through a great causeand a big platform. 3Trees will seek common development and win marketstogether ith its partners. It will build a competitive cultural system for itsdealers through cultural arketing to improve their soft strength. Additionally,it will also provide standardized, ormalized and ritualized delight services toits dealers by creating the most advanced, omprehensive and practicalconstruction standardization system and building a 361° service latform forengineering coating and wood ware paint application.


——Community of shared destiny. With an open, inclusive and win-wincooperation indset, 3Trees seeks common development with its partners. In thefuture, commercial ompetition is no longer about close fight among enterprises,but rather the contest among latforms and even a war among ecospheres. Byestablishing a platform-based ecosphere, 3Trees oins hands with its dealers,distributors, foremen and other partners to build a community of hared destiny,in which they share resources and achieve win-win benefits in terms of brands, echnology,capital, culture and users.


With years of rapid growth, 3Trees haspromoted many of its partners to succeed. It has reated hundreds ofmultimillionaires, thousands of millionaires and a large number of industry litesthrough its systematic trainings, such as president class, distributor specialtraining classes, op-notch store assistant training classes, experienceintroduction meetings, healthy product romotion meetings and“ready-for-move-in” project trainings which are held in dozens of essions peryear by 3Trees School of Business.


3. Sharing with Fighters

During its rapid development, 3Trees wascertainly pushed forward by a strong team. Only ersistent hard work can makeone thrive and create bigger value. 3Trees always perseveres in uilding fightercharacter, takes pride in fighters and will never allow them to suffer anyloss.


——Who is a fighter? We believe that a fighter is a person who highly recognizes annterprise’ core values, a person who can create value for his/her enterprise orusers, a person who an lead a company’s reform and innovation, a person who canlead a team to forge ahead, a erson who can pursue self-improvementcontinuously, a person who do not care about mmediate gain or loss, or a personwho expect both material and spiritual gains in the future. Trees is not anursing institution for the aged. Its employees can be classified into threeategories based on fighting levels:

Ordinaryworkers: Employees who are dedicated to completingtheir work and tasks atching with their salaries with few innovations or breakthroughs.


Generalfighters: Employees who work in their comfort zonesand are willing to make

contributions higher than theirremunerations to 3Trees; they are easy to be replaced by their



Effectivefighters: Employees who are irreplaceable keyfigures of a team and hard core of nterprise development; they are willing andcapable creators of continuous value who make erformance and contributions;they do not care about personal immediate gain or loss; they esire and striveto create extra value for 3Trees and share its surplus value.


——Build fighter character. 3Trees respects its employees and employs them on grounds of heirabilities. It considers each employee as a tree that needs careful cultivation.3Trees develops alents and molds fighters through the “aerobic management”process, including “culture of eedlings”, “fertilization”, “irrigation”,“trimming” and “grafting”. It sticks to the team building hinking that takespriority in recruiting excellent university graduates for internal developmentnd accepts external parachuting as a complementary approach. 3Trees iscommitted to building a o-ceiling and borderless platform and creating anemployee career development channel eaturing paralleled management path andprofessional path. It is concerned about employees’ areer development. Itbelieves that an enterprise can develop continuously only by increasing thealue of employees. Each employee of 3Trees who has a fighter spirit can havetraining and earning opportunities. “Training and learning are the bestbenefits for employees.” 3Trees has pecifically established its School ofBusiness. It makes heavy investment in trainings each year to rovidemulti-channel “learning packages” conforming to different growth stages to itsemployees. t also holds featured internal trainings and famous-teacher lectureson a regular basis by inviting xperts and prestigious teachers in all areas toteach and lecture in the company. Moreover, 3Trees as joined hands withTsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and other

prestigious universities in China to openelite special training class, president class, etc. to develop ackbone talents.It has also opened highly-distinctive “Tree Cultivation Training Camp”, “CEOpecial Training Class”, “Management Trainee Class”, etc. to develop enterprisesuccessors who re resolute, aggressive, teamwork-oriented, goal-directed,perseverant, flexible and highly ccountable to their work and pursue lifelonglearning, continuous self-surpassing and excellence.


——3Trees will never allow fighters tosuffer loss. 3Trees employs people on grounds ofheir abilities rather than by favoritism and it uses talents without stickingto one pattern. In the ew age, as shuffled by new opportunities, it is a coreissue of resolving “manpower” problems to llow fighters to have higher sense ofparticipation and sense of gain. Directed by the “Amoeba ANAGEMENT” thought andoriented to “profit assessment”, 3Trees creates small and micro-sizedrganizations, builds the sense of business of the entire personnel and pushesforward the concept hat everyone is an operator. It has restructuredoperation-oriented performance management and enefits distribution mechanismand fully opened trust and authorization in order to propel the nterprise totransform from a “controlled” organization to a “self-motivated” one. On onehand, Trees requires each fighter to share corporate developmentresponsibilities. On the other hand, Trees achieves co-creation and sharingwith fighters through the equity incentive system, partner ystem, surplusdividend system as well as favorable remunerations and benefits and expansiveevelopment platform.

Ordinary workers, general fighters andeffective fighters are screened out through quarterly nd annual performance competitionfor marketing personnel and quarterly and annual ompulsory ranking forlogistics personnel. Fighters, especially effective fighters, are favoredreferentially with all resources, including 37 benefits, such as remunerationsand benefits, erformance funds, trainings and promotions, equity incentives,honors, etc. Besides, 3Trees also ailors extra advanced benefits for hard coreof effective fighters at all levels. It provides omfortable accommodationenvironment to these people, offers assistance in solving issues elated toeducation of their children, shows full concern about their families andcreates mployment opportunities for soldiers’ dependents or give subsidies tothem. Furthermore, 3Trees lso cares about ability growth of these people and givesall-round consideration for fighters so hat they can feel reassured and fightwith a relieved mind to gain fortune, social status and honor hrough itsenterprise platform.