Development Strategy

1.Development Concept:Keep Strong and live longer

The rule of development shows that being strong is the fundamental factor. Being big is the result of being strong. A powerful enterprise is bound to be gradually developed into a more appropriate size. Mr. Hong Jie always kept a clear head and insists that a company which is big but not strong is called Puffiness Company which is unhealthy. This kind of company has many hidden troubles.3trees company wants to be one of top 500 companies, more importantly, 3trees want to be 500 years company. 

3trees also realized that, the premise of building a long last company is to be strong and big, and being strong is more important than being big. For the trend of 3trees, Mr. Hong Jie said many times that we cannot expansion blindly. Not simply pursuing "high, big and complete", but with a slow and steady attitude, through the inside and outside and repair the overall and improve enterprise competitive ability. On how to continue to be strong, Mr. Hong Jie has his own thought:

There’s inner thrust and outside pulling force during the growth of 3trees.Inner thrust is company culture, and the outside pulling force is our market, brand, channel and profitability.

To be strong and big is the key to last long. Only this can make a real strong brand, further expansion of enterprise scale, to make the company strong and big.

2. Strategic Target: business turnover achieve ten billion in three years.

The goal of 3trees is to provide health product, adhering to the combination of science and technology, environmental protection and energy saving. We actively are constructing scientific and effective organizational structure, control mode and the management process. Mold the distinctive, healthy company culture to build enterprise core competitive ability, strengthen the market planning to improve the level of modern management. Make the company to be domestic first-class modern enterprise.

From 2013 to 2017, the five years overall strategic goal of 3trees is: to be the Chinese leading brand of health paint, the annual sales target is beyond 5.5 billion RMB, overall sales target is beyond 10 billion RMB, to be the leading brand of coatings domestically.

3trees will take the production of architectural coatings, decoration paint, furniture paint, adhesives, appropriate to the downstream industry chain extension, vertical and horizontal integration development. By means of capital operation and property right, strive for be in the market early. Promoting the diversification of property rights, further perfecting the corporate governance structure, make full preparation for listing to raise funds. By listing, merger, acquisition, property right transaction, the way such as pool, strive to integrate some potential enterprises, realize the effective operation of the company's tangible assets and intangible assets, give full play to the advantages of the company. Expand the scale of the company's assets rapidly and improve the operational efficiency of company capital. Make company be the first-class, international advanced modern coatings enterprises domestically.

3. Strategic Thinking: Capital X Brand X Culture X Talent

Capital Operation: 3 by 5 strategies, Ten Billions Dream

First is to carry out shareholding system reform: in September 2007, SKSHU Paint CO., LTD. was set up, and takes the lead in implementing the management equity in the coating industry. According to the enterprise strategic planning, the company will push into the enterprise market. After share-holding system, on the one hand, it will ensure that the enterprise management more transparent, more standardized. On the other hand, we want be let more stuff stake in charge to be master and helping the company to develop.

Second is to implement strategic investment: over the next few years, 3trees will take coating as its main business, expand enterprise industry chain, to the upstream and downstream development. Holding, mergers, joint venture several affiliated enterprise, complete the national strategic layout.

Branding: in 2015, the brand value is 9.294 billion RMB

Taking the lead in advocating the concept of "health" paint brands, 3trees has spared no effort in the brand spread and high-end expert team branding services for enterprises, for the cost of the brand promotion of tens of millions of RMB a year. In 2010, 3trees won the bid of CCTV news broadcast gold time, total cost are more than one hundred million RMB. At present, the 3trees brand awareness among the top already.

In the future, 3trees will further intensify brand communication. Based on the authoritative media spread, we centralized superior resources in event propagation and public relations and promotion. At the same time, 3trees will focus on product development, channel developing and synchronous. To ensure that the brand reputation and loyalty of fast optimization, steadily improving, and then injected high added value to the product at a premium.

Cultural Transmission: To plant a tree in the mind of customers through company culture.

The 3trees in many years of development gradually established a set of complete and unique cultural system, the ecological culture system. For common goals and values of the hardwired into every employee in the mind, the company established a series of cultural books, including 3trees  Journal, new media, website, LED, video conference, such as cultural transmission carrier, specially set up a team to promote culture, corporate culture training as a new employee training necessary contents. Perfect cultural carrier and communication methods ensured that the enterprise culture in the broad masses of workers and dealers spread.

With the help of powerful culture system, at present, the 3trees with high-end store agencies to achieve strategic cooperation. Actively build for dealers and consumers "terminal cultural marketing" system, strive to use the shortest time to establish a cultural transmission system.

Talent Strategy: first planted three trees, and appeal the phoenix

We know that talents, for the desire to join in enterprise, paying equal attention to spiritual needs and material needs. Under the same conditions, they have more demanding in providing superior growth platform and good work environment. The advantages and disadvantages of enterprise culture, pay attention to humanized management in today, more and more become a talented and selection criteria.3trees unique corporate culture, as one of the main appeal of talents.

Though 3trees are in urgent need of talents, Mr. Hong Jie never adopt people in hurry even lack of suitable candidate. For looking for a good manager, companies sometimes tracking several years, until a consensus after a lot of communication on both sides. Now many of the ministers, in the company before joining 3trees enterprises, often communicate with 3trees more than half a year.

Aerobic Management

1. The discipline is as tough as iron, the care is as warm as mother.

Burn boiling water can't touch, we reach a consensus."Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards", the working process of the 3trees, rules and regulations, such as performance appraisal is part of the discipline, business norms with everyone, ensure the effective implementation of corporate decisions and work instructions executed correctly, without exception, or apace for renegotiation.

3trees is both a family and a military camp. Management is serious love, we both universal flexible care, also emphasizes the rigid system. Principle can not deviate from, discipline can not violate, and discipline is a "red line" .Everyone is equal to follow the discipline, regardless of the position, qualification, or personal relationship .Everyone should be punished without leniency.

Mother care, parents care, is the humanization of the welfare system. We set creating "best employer enterprise" as the goal, emphasis on employees "motherly care", not only to provide competitive remuneration package for all kinds of talents, also introduced a series of perfect welfare system, a total of 37 items involving food, clothing, shelter, transportation, marriage, funerals, marry, learning, livelihood, work, entertainment, fitness, training, insurance, career and business planning and other aspects.

The employees will enjoy food, clothing, shelter, traffic, full range of benefits, such as having five social insurances and one housing fund. Our company has set the public welfare fund - safe fund, to ensure that employees working and living in 3trees is "rest easy". Today's 3trees has created a full range of "easy" benefits, security and aid system, to provide staff to mother care, parental care.

2.Target Management: annual plan → quarterly plan→monthly plan→weekly plan →briefings

All the management activities and service are based on strategic target, by means of decomposition and execution, for the purpose of a great target.

On the one hand, 3trees emphasizes "goal orientation" operation concept. First set a final strategic goal, then by the total target into departments or units and individual targets. General objective and sub-objectives, and personal goals, or so, always up and down, restrict each other and merge into a reasonable structure, progressive, direction clear goals step by step a chain system.

On the other hand, the company emphasizes the implementation of the concept "target decomposition". The first target to develop a thorough rigorous plan includes each target to complete the specific deadline and also includes the guidelines and policies to achieve your goals and the choice of methods, procedures, make each work have the basis, step by step.

From “annual plan, quarterly plan, monthly plan and week plan - morning session" the broken down, one by 3trees final annual planning to every weekday, everyone and everything.

3. System Process: Regulation is the first, absolute execution, without exception

Perfect as the system, no execute, no reinforcement, will be useless paper posted on the wall. 3trees management handbook includes both the business management system's handbook, also involving the enterprises in more than 40 departments, sector management handbook for every post process, a working standard of institutionalization, streamline and standardization.3trees has more than 3000 process, the purpose is to maximize the effectiveness .Management process is like sun tzu's the art of war, be apt to get twice the result with half the effort, no good, the wasted effort.

4. Performance Assessment: assessment is a mean, not the goal. The assessment is to share, not to dock pay.

The concept of assessment is that assessment is a means, not the goal; assessment is to share, not to dock pay. The goal is to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, to achieve fair distribution. The assessment aims to fully arouse the enthusiasm of employees, objective assessment of the employee's effort and value, build income and job performance, the company benefits of combining the salary system, stimulate the internal potential, promote the healthy development of the enterprise. In performance appraisal to import the mobilization meeting, Mr. Hong jie said that: "3trees can't be endowment institutions, can't become a big commune. We need reasonable performance evaluation to eliminate pot of ideas, break theory of qualifications, the abolition of the taping consciousness, by performance contribution, station, jobs, promotion, and payment"

3 trees have special cultural propaganda and supervision team: Paint S Inspection Team. consist of over 10 department minister and employee representatives .They are in strict accordance with the "3 trees check corporate culture handbook", at any time from the chairman, to the grass-roots employees of any person, any inspection. This "carpet patrol" involving etiquette norms, rules and regulations, Paint S regulations, safety regulations and service commitments, process specification, etc. Paint S inspection results tend to let violations of employees and departments directly produce the big alert, urging them to timely rectification.

5. Information Management: build green information channel, hug "Internet +"

Through Dense medium, smooth information flow to realize information management. In 3trees, any department or staff symmetry and transparent information can be obtained. In the external transmission of information, 3trees website, WeChat platform, to the entire dealers network platform, the journal and 3trees new sites are dealers, distributors, suppliers, to the nation, decoration companies, and the real estate related partners across corporate news, information, industry trends and successful marketing case. Within the enterprise, the company's latest dynamic, enterprise culture management typical cases, advanced deeds will be communicated through OA, such as LED, SMS platform released, for the enterprise culture propaganda.

In June 2015, 3trees became the first enterprise to get the two integration management system certification, it marked 3trees with information to support, optimizing the operation and management ability has reached the country and the industry advanced level. In this era of great transformation, based on the user's thinking, simple thinking, acme, iterative thoughts of the Internet, such as, 3trees, launched the "health+” plan based on updated LOGO, website comprehensive upgrades, proprietary electric business platform to build, and O2O overall business planning. The more accurate close to consumer demand at the same time, also provided thousands of three trees dealers with Internet startup of the new platform. In July 2015, the new media ministry set up in 3trees, made full use of all kinds of new communication carrier, for 3trees of new ideas, new products, and new trends.

View of Working

1. View of Working: work is creation, work is happy

Love your work is the beginning of love life. Not love work, the business will achieve nothing. No matter how big a person has ambition and ideal, should first work, the work is not only the basic condition of survival, is the only way to achieve the ideal and desire of ambition. 3trees require employees don't work as simple to work, go off work, don't work as a simple responsibilities and obligations. For people with ambition, work is not a burden, work is to creation, work is a kind of happiness, and work is an important part of life.

Mr. Hong Jie’s theory of work is: work is not a show. Work is just like studying at school. Workman is more charming and has the most appeal. Mr. Hong Jie himself is a "workaholic” nearly all 365 days a year in the job. Under his leading, all his staff formed spontaneously, consciously work attitude, coruscate gives the heat, seize every minute of working passion.

2. Team Concept: single tree cannot be a forest

"A piece of hard wood rows, a straw bundle of sticks", the power of the individual is always the team's energy, like a tree, no matter how tall, it cannot stand in tottering. Only team can overcome everything.

Team harmony is mainly embodies 3trees collectivism, harmony, in the same boat, such as concept, is the pursuit of the ideal state of three trees. Mr. Hong Jie has sixteen words to describe the relationship between the enterprises departments is: hurting each other, eventually fall, help each other, win together.

Unity, positive, upward, and the health of 3trees team, internally promotes equality, trust, and emphasizes the whys and wherefores between departments of the general situation, it suggests, the minor differences, build and harmonious working environment and interpersonal relationship, to build up the target, the synthetic weight, the tacit understanding trust, risk-sharing, team spirit.

3trees don't worship personal heroism. We hope every work and behavior of the individual into team work, the interest of the individual subordinated to the interests of the company overcome self-consciously, correcting deviation behavior and team objectives.

3. The concept of Innovation: breakthrough yourself every day, beyond the adversary

Innovation is everywhere. Although the corporate culture, brand image, channel mode, technology, management ability and enterprise operation mechanism, 3trees has certain advantages compared with competitors. Due to the increasing competition in the industry a new round of reshuffle has begun, Mr. Hong Jie reminded all staff: the body can be degraded, action cannot rigid, skills cannot outmode, and concept cannot be ossified. Ideas should strive to break through every day, every day there are new ideas, new thought and new concept.

With whimsical, advancing with the times, innovation and breakthrough with speed, full of innovation, the innovation, 3trees to keep its advantages as the bottom line, beyond the adversary, ran in front of others. Innovation is the key to 3trees in the brand integrated marketing, it is based on innovation strategy and innovative thinking, and 3trees has created the four wonders in China coating industry marketing:

First, we take the lead to advocate Health Paint in the industry and we make "healthy, natural, green" as the core value of the brand.

Second is to impose flattening store mode. 3trees abandoned the traditional mode of agency system, opened up a unique flat pattern. Three trees flattened mode can not only control terminal, security dealers' profit, but also to ensure the smooth channels. 

Third, the implementation of brand strategy. Generally, a lot of paint manufacturers have a more than one brands, which are not run well as a result. By using 3trees "one-child" single brand operation, and to breed this brand by all heart. 

Fourth, the high-end brand marketing strategy. From the advertising creative, investment promotion to the media, public relations, event marketing from the show in 2008 was carried out vigorous culture strategy, 3trees with “high spike from high set" high attitude, brand operation forefront, a procession.

4. The Concept of Quality: quality is the production instead of inspection

An enterprise to communicate with consumers is the first language of product quality, only with consistent quality can please the consumer, to win the market, trust of society.

3trees stressed that the product quality in the process of production, in the staff hand already doomed if qualified, advanced testing machine is auxiliary tool again, is not a guarantee of quality. In the process of production, three trees emphasizes the process quality monitoring, should be active to procedure to make independent check the common quality of employees. In the process of production, emphasizing the employees to cooperate and team consciousness, forming the atmosphere of everyone involved in enterprise quality management.

5. Concept of Security, security is the lowest and highest standard, safety is a string, always be tight.

Security Environment Health Management Goal: to achieve zero accident.

Safety Management Concept:

Cognitive every risk in advance. Every detail must according to the standard. Every employee must know the emergency treatment.

Safety Management Standards.

All accidents can be prevented.

Any activities started first hint security considerations.

Employees must receive strict security training education, 100% through examination.

Employees found that the safety and normal use of the facilities can refuse to work.

Management must regularly review safety facilities and emergency system.

Report all errors timely and correct it.

All operations are carried out according to standard procedures.

Make full use of the equipment to protect against artificial process, all positions must have warning labels.

When there’s conflict between property safety and the people safety, rescue life safety first;

Department of top management is the first people responsible for the safe and environmental health.

Staff Management

1.Employment Concept: respect the employees and choose persons who are competent

“Towering tree begins in the seed”. In the era of knowledge-driven economy, the most important resources for an enterprise is no longer land, capital or labor, but human resources. Talent is the core resource of the knowledge-driven economy, and the nature of competition lies in the talents’ wits and courage. As an enterprise considering creating opportunities for staff as her responsibility, 3trees not only cares for and respect her staff, meet their requirements both spiritual and material, but also pays attention to cultivate their potentials. 

3trees treats human resources as strategic resource and set for staff positions which can give full play to their ability. For an enterprise, appropriate position and suitable talents is the pursuit of optimal allocation of human resources goals. 3trees regularly make position assessment for staff, and provide transferring opportunities for those who don’t fit for the position or wish to compete for other positions.

Just as Mr. Hong Jie says to the new staff, “the men who are aimless will work for those targeted for a lifelong time”. At 3trees, anyone can achieve vast developing space as long as he has dreams, passion, and ambition.  

2.Personnel Characteristics: Passion, Generosity, Studiousness, Efficiency and Perfection 


Passion can always motivate one’s potential. For many years, 3trees advocates her staff to remain rising working passion, the pursuit of career and ideals because without passion, there would be no incentive to work. 

At 3trees, the President Mr. Hong Jie became the representative of working with passion. Although having become a billionaire, he devoted all his time to his cause and works for over ten hours every day. Except for necessary engagement and rest, the left belonged to working and learning. Every night, the light of president’s office gone out very late. These years, his passion for cause never stopped, thus winning respect from all the employees of the company.


The Chinese nation attaches much importance to the man’s tolerance, generosity and integrity. Whether a nation or a man, generosity is advocated, so is a company. Generosity means to “give”. To give is to gain, and vice versa. Helping others not only improves them, you get promotion also. Generosity means to “be thankful”. Only be thankful can a man enhance his social responsibilities and know what he should do for others, company and society. A generous company can get support and recognition from the staff and society.

3trees requires her staff to equip with professional attitude, be tolerant and believe that “you reap what you sow”.


3trees think that, “the only sustainable competition advantage was the better learning capacity than your competitor. Talents should not only equip with application ability of high-tech knowledge, but also be highly qualified for morality, profession and culture. To improve one’s comprehensive qualities can better adapt to the competition of the new century. In order to survive and develop, one should continuously learn new knowledge and cultivate innovation capacity which is the most important quality.

Employees learn to realize the improvement of themselves and the company’s performances. The fast-growing 3trees advocates that “experience is equal to incompetence” and stresses that the key to success lies in continuous learning.


Just as the lock has its matching key, problems and methods coexist. The problem every administrator need to take seriously is how to find the most suitable and efficient method for work. Our job in fact is to solve problems and achieve objectives. In this process, to chosen method becomes essential, because with the guidance of correct methods, we can achieve objectives in the least amount of time and resources. This not only saves time for us, but also put us in a preoccupied and leading position among competition with others.

3trees requires that employees must have the ability to 100% fulfill the tasks; master effective time management; strengthen personal management and understand “important things come first”.


The pursuit of perfect working performances is neither the achievements, nor the life standards, but a state of mind and existence. To restore things as they are is a kind of perfection. At work, you should not settle for your performances, but to do the best and display your talents. Thus you become the one indispensable. Work can never be perfect, but you are constantly enhancing our strength, and constantly upgrade our skills. In this process, you upgrade our standards for yourself which is the best embodiment for professionalism. 

3trees requires that her employees not only have desire for success, but also perfect attitude towards work. Only striving for excellence can you constantly transcend yourself and become outstanding.

3.Personality concept: firstly make customers accept your personality, then your products

Only good personality will it be possible to have good products and services. At 3trees, to sell products is to promote your personality first. In the market economy, if you can’t get the trust of customers, the customer will not accept your products.

3trees attaches importance to employees’ ethics cultivation and stresses winning customers with personality first, then customers’ favor for the products.

4.Incorruptible Concept: Clean hands want no washing; Straight feet is not afraid of crooked shoe. 

Some big company is prepared to hire a well-paid car driver. Through rounds of selection and examination, only three of the most technologically superior competitors left.

The interviewer asked them: “if there is a piece of gold on the cliff, you drove the car to pick it up. How close can you approach the cliff without falling over?”

“Two meters.” The first competitor said.

“Half a meter.” The second competitor answered confidently.

“I will try to stay away from the cliff, as farther away as I can.” The third one said. 

In the end, the third competitor is employed.

Always remember to keep from temptation as far away as possible. Only noble virtue wins people’s respect for you. Prestige comes from self-esteem, self-respect and self-discipline. Don’t occupy company resources, abuse the power to ask for benefits from customers and seize interests of the subordinates.

Attitude to Life: be honesty, do work first and then get return. 

Honesty is the ID card, Justice is the pass access. The company emphasized people especially her employees should be honest to clients, colleagues, do not conceal the identity, even fake ID, diplomas and resume, to admit mistakes and face the ensuing negative impacts, do not gossip, or do things that would affect unity. Do not exaggerate at work; always fulfill the commitment and promise. 

Work with justice is the strict implementation of the company system, system management, objective and impartial towards work. No favoritism, biased in favor of injustice. Do not abuse the power to suppress, show retaliation to colleagues. 

Benefits gained always go with certain lose, therefore, we cannot blindly emphasize benefits, otherwise, greater lose will come. People need to learn how to pay out, learn to abandon. Rewards come after hard work. Time rewords experience, love gives back warm feelings. People in pursuit of interest often gained nothing. People had a little lost always had a perfect ending. 

Concept of Gratitude: the one who do not love his/her parents, family, himself/herself cannot reach achievement. 

Enterprise thanks the employees, then there will be employees with passion; employees that show gratitude to enterprise will work with passion. Thanksgiving is wisdom, a character and an attitude to life.  

First we shall thank our parents who granted us life, and made the following life experience and enjoyment. A gratitude employee is dedication and selfless, love and kindness. 

Loyal to family, love and take of family is the expression of family gratitude. Family supports us to face the difficulty from work and life, to make us realize the meaning of them. A man from a grateful family will be dedicated to loyalty, and has the sense of responsibility and mission. 

Self-love is the appreciation to life. Everyone’s life is full of meanings which are worth cherishing. 

A man, who loves family, parents, knows how to love himself and is grateful, will transfer the appreciation into hard work, constant study, contribute to the society and eventually fulfill his dream.