Culture Origin

Cultural Origin: From Taoism quotes “Three grows to everything, life and growth in nature.”

The brand name of 3trees has a long history of Chinese traditional culture.

Three, reflecting the "Three generate all things" individual reproductive idea, allegory as "Tao gave birth to life, life gave to everything".

Tree was the embodiment of the endless cycle of evolution concept and allegory eco enterprises as "wood generates fire, fire immature soil, soil fossils gold, gold raw water, and water nurtures wood- the cycle of endless".

Tree, with the mountains and rivers, and the coexistence of heaven and earth, the sun and the moon. Rooted soil, towering stands; flourish, supporting mutually dependents. The flowering and fruiting, human gifts; belong to the nature, the creator of all things; such as canopy cover, cover the sun endless.

Tall and straight and upright, for the shape of the tree, unyielding; full of vitality, for the appearance of the trees, lush green; not afraid of wind and rain, products for the tree, fearless sand; for the benefit of the earth.

In a tree for spiritual beliefs. In a tree for the totem culture, three trees "grow things" individual reproduction idea and "endless" Organization Cycle ideas both rolled into one, to extract the full of the wisdom of the East and the West charm of the business philosophy -- "imitation of nature".

Philosophy of Culture: nature into the world

The world of universes. Philosopher, methods, rules, standards, truth, values.

Train one to be the Master, personal growth is the way of ruling; to enriching the people, national governance is the way. Aspects of enterprises have their own characteristics and seek sustainable development.

3trees believes in evergreen that is the natural way. Lao Tzu says: "man rules land, land rules sky, sky rules Tao, imitation of nature", the nature of law, the big voice sound thin and unbearable. 

Between heaven and earth, the only natural example. Carrying all things, is the natural inclusion of the pregnant; it’s the natural reproduction of the state; the survival of the fittest, it’s the natural evolution of the fruit.

In awe of the heart, for the harmony philosophy, follow the natural way; hear the calling of the sky, land and Master, day of industry will be assured.

Cultural Kernel: 3trees health enterprise culture

To establish a healthy concept:to create a good corporate character, to develop a reasonable development strategy, to build an efficient organizational structure, to create an orderly corporate ethics, the implementation of a harmonious business management.

Training healthy employee:pay attention to enhance staff skills, professionalism and physical health, diligent employee moral self-cultivation, regulate employee behavior standards, and cultivate virtue, talent, energy and body of both the health of employees.

Provide health products: always maintain the "health performance, leading team mate" product concept and advanced innovative thinking, fine R & D standards and strict quality control.

To create a healthy life:optimize the quality of life for employees and consumers, and actively participate in environmental protection, for the beautification of human healthy home environment.

Spread health culture:"health, green, nature" as the core value of the brand culture, guides the green consumption demand, promote healthy life style.

Cultural Declaration: grow respect, grow reputation, and grow actions

Grow Respect is the requirements for qualities of enterprises and employees. In China Confucian tradition, respect covers "benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trust" enterprise character. Today, respect is still the foundation, the foundation for the development of enterprises. At the same time, she convinced the character before, that the employees improve their own moral cultivation.

The understanding of the integrity of 3trees growing reputation. Whether individuals or companies, 3trees always keep to promises. Both to customers or colleagues should be honest, when it comes to do, do not do "talk like giants and act like the cowards". At the same time, Grow Reputation, 3trees determined to health products, for a healthy life, healthy culture celebrated a solemn commitment.

Growing Action is a 3trees normative behavior. Qualified corporate citizen, will always follow the rules of the market, competition law and industry rules, comply with the law, respect human rights, comply with business ethics, and always correct their own corporate behavior, brand behavior and employee behavior standards.