Genesis of Culture

Man models himself after the Earth; the Earth modelsitself after Heaven; Heaven models itself after Tao; Tao models itself afternature.


I Origin: Tao Models Itselfafter Nature

3Trees’s cultural philosophy has its rootsin the thoughts that Lao Tzu articulated in “Tao Te

Ching”. It is 3Trees’s firm conviction thatthe only way to ensure the prosperity of its foundation

business is to model itself after nature.


Lao Tzu observes: “Tao produced one; oneproduced two; two produced three; three

produced all thing;” and “Man modelshimself after the Earth; the Earth models itself after

Heaven; Heaven models itself after Tao; Taomodels itself after nature.”


Tao means laws and truth.


Nurture a heart of humility, follow the Taoof nature, take the road of harmony, and have the

right people in the right place at theright time, then the great undertaking entrusted by Heaven

will be successful.


Striving for personal success in order to benefitothers, and helping others succeed, thereby

raising one’s own chance of success, is theTao of personal growth. Continuously building the

customer base is the Tao of businessoperations. Enriching the people and strengthening the nation is the Tao ofstate governance.


For 3Trees, the adage that “Tao modelsitself after nature” is not only a guideline but also a

faith. Centered on the “Tao models itselfafter nature”, our methodology stresses “achieving

control by doing nothing that goes againstnature”; our system of actions emphasizes that

softness should be used to tackle hardness” and that “the highestexcellence is like that of water”;and our system of objectives accentuates“harmony between man and nature” and “everlasting vitality”. The essence of3Trees’s culture lies in the balance between the enterprise and the ecologicalenvironment, self development, individual employees and society, which ensures long-termprosperity for the company’s foundation business.


Enterprise and Society –Respect Nature and Care for Your Compatriots, and the

Supreme Good Is Like Water

The supreme good is like water, whichbenefits all of creation without trying to compete with

it. It gathers in unpopular places. Thus,it is like the Tao. Profit is the basic purpose of the

operations of an enterprise, but it isnever where the value of the existence of the enterprise lies.

3Trees advocates the notion that anenterprise should develop the same character as water –

Wherever it dwells, it sanctifies the spot; in the heart, itssanctifying properties are unfathomable; in bestowing, it sanctifiesbenevolence; in speaking, it sanctifies trustworthiness; in administration, itsanctifies government; in the fulfilment of daily work, it sanctifies ability;in the adoption of public measures, it sanctifies acting seasonably.” Thegrowth of 3Trees has been a step-by-step thorough implementation of the “spiritof great philanthropy”. While striving to be the best, the enterprise endeavorsto be an exemplary corporate citizen by respecting nature, staying dedicated tothe nation and the big family, fulfilling its corporate social responsibility,and supporting charitable causes. With its indomitable grassroot spirit, 3Treessustains its aspiration of providing shade for all like a towering tree.


II. Totem Tree

The gene for the growth of 3Trees isderived from the profound thoughts encapsulated in Tao

Te Ching, with the “tree” as the culturaltotem of the company.


The development of an enterprise is theresult of the interaction between the external environment and the quality ofthe enterprise itself, just as the growth of a tree is influenced by

both the natural environment and itsintrinsic genes. Analysis shows that the growth conditions of 3Trees areactually different from the growth factors of trees.

(1)  External Environment

Any tree grows from a seed. Sunlight, soil,air, rain and dew together constitute the external

environment essential to the survival andgrowth of a tree, and none of these elements are

indispensable. The seed is the gene of thetree, determining the type of the tree and its maximum longevity and diameter.Sunlight is the prerequisite to photosynthesis. Soil stores water and nutrientsand keeps the roots of the tree in place. The depth and breadth of the roots inthe soil determines the height and size of the crown of the tree, as well as itsability to withstand wind and rain. Air is an indispensable ingredient forphotosynthesis, and without air, a tree cannot produce the nutrients it needsfor growth and is doomed to wither. Rain and dew nourish all creatures; they arethe link between the tree and its surrounding environment; they are also thestrongest porters who help a tree complete its natural cycle. The externalenvironment decides how long the tree will live and how tall and how big itwill grow.


The original mission of 3Trees is the genefor its growth, determining its character and its

maximum life and size. Stakeholders,including the Party, the State, society, the industry,

customers and partners, as well asinvestors and employees, are the sunlight, soil, air, rain and dew necessaryfor the growth of trees, providing energy for 3Trees’ development and steeringthe company into the right direction; together, they form the necessaryenvironment for the growth of 3Trees. The match between the initial mission of3Trees and the environment ultimately determines the life and scale of theenterprise.


At 3Trees, the enterprise is a ship,culture is its sail, and Party building is its rudder. The

14 steady development of an enterprisebenefits from the development of its corporate culture, while Party buildingensures that the corporate culture remains on the right track. The rapiddevelopment of an enterprise is not possiblie without strategic planning. Theformulation of enterprise strategies should be aligned with government andindustry policies. Likewise, the growth of 3Trees is rooted in its customerbase and customer needs. 3Trees’ dedication to satisfying customer needsinspires the company to pursue innovation, transformation and breakthrough atall times. Distributors, suppliers and other stakeholders stimulate andfacilitate 3Trees’ progressive self-improvement, while investors and employeesprovide a source of vigor and vitality for the enterprise to thrive.


 (2) Intrinsic Gene

The intrinsic gene of tree in embracing theblue sky, braving wind and rain, reaching upwards,

forming a forest with other trees, andproviding shade for all, dovetails with 3Trees’ corporate

spirits and aspirations.

Embrace the Blue Sky –Pursue Dreams and Aspirations

A tree that does not reach out to the bluesky will never grow, while an enterprise without

dreams and aspirations can never beexpected to accomplish much. Just like a towering tree

embracing the blue sky, 3Trees is committedto its mission of “making homes healthier and cities

more beautiful” and its vision of“supporting the earth and greening the world”; it also makes

constant efforts to develop managementmethods and operating modes that suits its conditions.

Where there are dreams, there is a future.

Be Down to Earth – StriveHard and Persevere in Entrepreneurship

A tree without deep roots cannot have lushgreen leaves. In this constantly changing world,

3Trees knows that it will be driven out ofbusiness if it does not continue learning, exploring and

striving hard. And no matter how successfulit will become in the future, 3Trees will always carry

forward the spirit of striving hard,persevere in entrepreneurship, stay down-to-earth, and strive to expand andsolidify its root system in the soil to accumulate energy for holding up theblue sky.


Brave Wind and Rain andAlways Go Upwards – Never Give Up and Always Strive to Be the Best

Every tree that has stood erect forhundreds of years has weathered numerous storms,

growing upwards by embracing sunshine.3Trees has come a long way, braving thunderstorms by

growing a thick trunk and dense branches.It has never given up and has always strived to be the

best. Rain or shine, it presses aheadagainst all odds to accomplish its mission, and in the process,

it has grown into an evergreen tree.

Form a Forest with Othersand Provide Shade for All – Be Full of Vigor and Vitality and Committed toBoundless Philanthropy

The life of the tree is a life of unity anddedication and a virtuous cycle. A tree can be easily

shaken by wind and rain, but in a forest,trees can band together to withstand the impact of

inclement weather and retain their vigorand vitality. The roots protect the soil, the leaves release

oxygen, and the crown fends off wind andsand. When the flowers on the tree bloom and bear fruit, they are pleasing tothe eye, and the fallen leaves nourish the earth when they return to theirroots. Trees huddling together to create a forest that provide shade for allrepresent 3Trees’ spirit of camaraderie, selfless dedication, and devotion tocommon prosperity. Caring for the homeland and bringing benefits to mankind isthe original mission of 3Trees. We are committed to boundless philanthropy bytaking actions that will benefit the industry, the country, the world, and eventhe earth.


III. Name 3Trees

The brand name “3Trees” embodies the profoundChinese traditional philosophy and spiritual faith. It is the consummate fusionof Lao Tzu’s Taoist natural culture and the spirit of trees.


3” is derived from a line in Tao Te Ching: “Tao produced one; oneproduced two; two produced three; three produced all thing”. Here, “3” is not aspecific numeral, but refers to a few things and therefore is a variable. Theline means that it’s important to conform to the natural laws of “Tao” and toenable Yin and Yang to complement, so that when on wanes, the other would wax, therebycreating a diversified world which moves in circles and is full of vigor andvitality.


As the cultural totem of 3Trees, “trees”contains qualities akin to the values that the enterprise adheres to. Plus,“trees” symbolizes 3Trees’ commitment and devotion to ecological harmony.


3Trees” represents health, naturalness and greenness. It embodiesthe concept of ecological

cycling, which stresses Taoist naturalismand man-nature harmony; the concepts of coexistence,

common prosperity and sharing, which arebased on the notion that a single tree does not make a forest; and the conceptsof growth and evolution, which emphasizes striving hard, always reaching upwards,and being dedicated. 3Trees has developed in the same way that forests innature grow, creating a natural world for human beings and society.


3Trees’ unique ecological culture and itsarticulated mission, vision, spirit and core values drive the company forwardand draws up an inspiring blueprint for the growth and development of three trees” – customers, partners andstrivers.


Bursting with passion and purpose, 3Trees’ecological culture tree is growing lusher and lusher.