Chapter III System Culture

Act when things have not yet appeared. Govern when there are not yettroubles.



Systems andprocesses are the key for an enterprise to move fast, stably and for a long time.Culture is the thought and ideas that guide the enterprise to advance whilesystems define cultural concepts and management thought as operable rules andprocesses. Corporate core values can be implemented and upheld by all employeesonly through the establishment of corresponding mechanism and systems whichspecify what the company is for and against and how it is operated.


  1. I.               Establishment of System Culture

In over tenyears of business management practice, 3Trees has built a full set of systemsand fostered the iron-discipline system culture. At 3Trees, systems andprocesses cover the decision making, operation and action levels; they involvesuch latitudes as strategy, human resources, finance, R&D, sale, marketing,production, purchase, quality, administration and office work; and they arefixed by taking advantage of information and other means. The System Library onour OA platform is available for quick retrieval of each system and traces eachprocess accurately. Moreover, we facilitate compliance of systems throughpublicity and implementation of systems, examination and verification ofexecution, cultural inspection, etc.


  1. 1.      Strategic GoalAccomplishment System

The quick accomplishment of our strategic goals depends on ourteam’s efficient execution while such execution is based on breakdown as wellas cyclic examination and verification of goals.


At 3Trees, wehave established the Strategy Management Office and Budget ManagementDepartment and realized breakdown and accomplishment of strategic goals byusing the “Strategy Map”, “Balanced Score Card” (BSC) and budget managementtools. We are required to make detailed and rigorous plans based on our goals.Such plans shall include not only specific deadlines for accomplishing eachgoal, but also choices of methods, policies and procedures to reach them. Thisprovides basis for every job and enable it to progress step by step. Inaddition, everyone is held accountable by following the model of annualplans→quarterly plans→monthly plans→weekly plans→morning meeting.


  1. 2.      Systematic Systems andProcesses


The practice ofcultural philosophy is embodied in how to do things and how to conduct oneselfin the process of production and business operation. This makes it necessary todevelop the institutional systems which explicitly define what to beencouraged, what to be opposed and what to be prohibited and which shall serveas the guideline for managers at all levels to conduct themselves. At 3Trees,institutional systems are divided into company-level systems, department-levelrules and position-level operation handbooks.


Company-levelsystems are classified into articles of corporate association, corporate basicsystems and corporate management systems. Corporate basic systems stipulate theinternal control systems on which external shareholders focus, includingcorporate governance, financial management, investment management and guarantymanagement; corporate operation and management systems are more operableprocess-based systems which further specify basic management systems bymanagement roles; position-level operation handbooks are operation standardsand methods which are specific to each position. Company-level operation andmanagement systems mainly include strategy management system, financialmanagement system, human resources management system, R&D managementsystem, administration system, marketing management system, supply chainmanagement system, auditing supervision and management system, informationtechnology management system as well as securities, investment, guaranty andlegal affairs management system.



Corporateoperation and management systems clarify purposes, scopes, contents, approvalprocesses, requirements and responsibilities, of which standardized processesare central to systems. Any system without a process will eventually becomeinvalid due to personnel changes and distorted execution, even with continuoushigh-cost auditing and supervision.


At 3Trees, allsystems and businesses are required to be based on processes. As emphasized by3Trees, process design departments are required to summarize, improve andintegrate working processes constantly in conformity with our corporatestrategies, external environments and customer needs, and to simplify andstreamline processes to improve our company’s response efficiency whileguaranteeing risks are under control.


3.Digital Information Management

When they are carried out using paper, processes are inefficient andeasy to distort. Once processes are fixed by using information technology,matters are pushed through systems and they are delivered to people in chargefor handling. This makes each node of each matter transparent and guarantees“today must borrow nothing of tomorrow”, leading to improvement of efficiency.


3Trees attaches great importance to the huge role that informationorientation plays in corporate operation and management. In 2010, weestablished the specialized and independent Group Information Department. Wehave also built a global leading digital coating ecological system by followingthe Internet and information technology development trends featuring big data,intelligence, Internet of Things, mobile Internet and clouds and based on ourcorporate development strategies and business models. We have strived to createa digital enterprise through cloud strategy, intelligent manufacturingstrategy, intelligent operation strategy and big data strategy. With sevenyears of efforts, 3Trees has created systems which basically cover all businesslevels, including intelligent systems (covering business operation to decisionmaking support, such as ERP, CRM, SRM, MES, HR, OA, BI, BSC and O2O) and threedata centers (including active-active data centers) in two places. Thanks tothis, 3Trees has become one of the first 200 enterprises which were certifiedby the Information Orientation and Industrialization Integration ManagementSystem.


In the future, 3Trees will persist in corporate management reformand transformation motivated by intelligence. We will accelerate buildingintelligent factories and big data in the CRM & C2M system in acustomer-centric way. Besides, we will keep optimizing processes and create aconsummate corporate digital ecosphere in order to provide more convenient andintelligent services to our users.


  1. 4.      Performance assessmentquantification

To allow employees to focus on corporate goals, these goals shall bebroken down into individuals’ goals and assess the accomplishment of suchgoals, which shall be pegged with such individuals’ bonuses and promotions.


At 3Trees, we always drive the accomplishment of our strategic goalsthrough the KPI performance management models. In 3Trees’ quantitativeassessment concept, assessment is a method rather than the purpose; assessment aimsto share rather than underpay. The purpose of assessment is to boost employees’initiative and achieve equitable distribution so that fighters will not sufferloss. Assessment is aimed to objectively evaluate employees’ efforts and valueand create the remuneration system which combines income, work performance andcompany profits to stimulate inner potential and promote stable development ofthe enterprise.


At 3Trees, performance assessment is directed at all employees andcore assessment targets are medium-to-high-level officers. This aims to improveour officers’ scientific management level and drive them to strengthen positionmanagement, goal assignment and tutoring intensity for employees of their owndepartments in order to enhance cooperation relationship with employees.


Performance assessment frequency is related to goal examination andverification frequency and it is divided into annual, quarterly and monthlyassessments. Assessment index weight is related to the importance of corporate strategicgoals and it will be adjusted moderately every year.


  1. 5.      Strict AuditingSupervision

What 3Trees has achieved so far is partially credited to its almostparanoid meticulous control and inspection culture. We have established theSupervision and Auditing Department and “Paint S” Inspection Group. TheSupervision and Auditing Department is independent in doing work and reports tothe Chairman directly without working jointly with any other department. Theycarry out inspection and supervision in strict accordance with the 3TreesInternal Auditing Management System and Internal Auditor Code of ConductManagement Standards. Such inspection and supervision include financialauditing, marketing auditing, purchase auditing, internal control auditing, engineeringauditing, contract auditing, outgoing executive auditing, accountabilityauditing, and other auditing and supervision matters. They have played apositive role in motivating, supervising and standardizing the work in alldepartments effectively.


In compliance with the 3Trees Corporate Culture Inspection Handbookand “Paint S” norms: tidying, reorganizing, clearing, safety, cleanness, goodmanner and smiling, the “Paint S” Inspection Group inspects everyone from theChairman to grass-roots employees and any work, and inspection results arepegged with performance assessment. This carpet inspection covers etiquettesand norms, rules and systems, “Paint S” norms, safety norms, servicecommitments, process norms, etc.


With the combination of strict auditing and supervision andinformation-based means, any exception that happens at each node of processescan be traced quickly and accurately for defining accountability. Together withthe culture of “today must borrow nothing of tomorrow” at 3Trees, this haseliminated many recurring problems at 3Trees, such as buck passing, confusionabout who is responsible and low efficiency in doing jobs. Consistent prudenceleads to no failure.


  1. II.             Employee Code of Conduct

The core values advocated by3Trees provide explicit guideline for employees’ behaviors. Employees’ style ofhandling things and behavioral habits shall be in conformity with such valuesin order to achieve co-creation and sharing. We have summarized the EmployeeCode of Conduct which is widely recognized and commonly observed by ouremployees. It covers such aspects as spiritual attainment, Tao of conductingoneself, Tao of services and Tao of working together. The Code specifies basicrequirements for every word and action of each one of us at 3Trees and itserves as the principles and disciplines that we shall abide by at 3Trees.


  1. 1.     Spiritual Attainment

To be qualified at 3Trees, we musthave basic manners, including positive mindset and look 152 besides the ethosand personality charisma which are unique to 3Trees people.

(1)     Employees’ looks: well-groomed,graceful, sincere and sunny

Well-groomed and decent looks

Dignified and graceful behaviors and mien

Polite and sincere in speaking andcommunication

Sunny attitude and smile

(Please refer to3Trees Employee Code of Conduct for details.)


(2)     Employee peculiarities: passion,generosity, studiousness, efficiency and perfection

3Trees’ employees are required to have thesefive peculiarities: passion, generosity, studiousness, efficiency andperfection.

Passion – perseverance and fighter spiritthat accept no defeat and always fight to be the number one

Work is full of creation and happiness.Driven by passion, one can constantly give play to his/her huge potential andtake the subjective initiative better to release his/her creativities.

Over the years, passion has always been thefirst criterion for selecting and employing talents at 3Trees. As advocated by3Trees, our employees are required to have the faith that missions will beaccomplished once started. We must maintain strong passion for work andpersistent pursuit for career ideals. Work is full of creation and happiness.Whether in the easy times or in adversity, we shall have the boldness andwisdom to fight hard. We are supposed to have the perseverance and will powerthat accept no defeat and always fight to be the number none. We shall have thefighter spirit of striving tenaciously and work cooperatively to overcomedifficulties.


Generosity – be courageous to act andwilling to contribute; give before you take

Give no thought to personal gains or losses.Give before you take.

The Chinese nation values one’sbroadmindedness and moral courage. Generosity is the refinement of one’s spiritualpersonality and it embodies his/her mental state. Besides innate personalityfactors, it is more about acquired depth, such as cultivation and attainment.Generosity means demeanor, attitude and temperament which are demonstrated inhow to conduct oneself and do things. It is breadth of vision that embraces theuniverse and a mind of ease, naturalness and confidence. Generosity needs to bepracticed. It shall be advocated by both nation and individuals.

To practice generosity, an enterprise must advocate“giving”. “To give is to take.” Helping others not only facilitates them todevelop, but also raises one’s own chance to improve. A generous enterprisewill be supported and followed by its employees and recognized and assisted bythe society, by which it can make great success.

For employees, generosity means to neglectfame and wealth, to have insightful perception about the world and tounderstand worldly wisdom in dealing with themselves, others and things. First,be tolerant of others and give no thought to narrow personal gains or losses.Be generous, open-minded and broad-minded in getting along with people. Workwith colleagues with sincerity and a learning attitude based on communicationin order to seek cooperation and joint efforts to accomplish common goals. Bewilling to share and dare to give; if you give, you will receive double ofthat. Second, extricate oneself from obsessively negative mind; be simple andat ease; always look on the bright side; never complain; be full of positive energy.Advance or retreat properly and be persistent and dauntless and stay calm toface up to all kinds of difficulties and frustrations. Third, be generous tooneself and avoid pettiness. Be magnanimous and tolerant to others; berespectful to others and return good for evil; be open-hearted and set anexample of integrity; do things in high profile and conduct oneself in lowprofile; conquer minor self and mature greater self.


Studiousness – be aware of one's own defectsand mistakes, be diligent in learning and be brave to reform and innovate

At 3Trees which develops rapidly, we arerequired to learn or disappear as learning is fundamental to independence.

3Trees advocates lifelong learning.Studiousness is the core one of many qualities that 3Trees people have. Atpresent, science and technology advance and change rapidly. Internet, cloudcomputing and big data are profoundly changing human beings’ thinking,production, lives and ways of learning. The future is full of iteration anduncertainties and only by continuous learning can we cope with challenges. Insuch a great trend, China has advocated building a learning society in whicheveryone can learn in any place and at any time. Since its establishment,3Trees has always practiced the learning concept that the only everlastingcompetitive advantage is to surpass our competitor’s learning ability and hasalways strived to build a learning society. We know very well that rapidaccumulation of knowledge by the enterprise is the foundation of its rapid innovationand high-speed growth.

In this regard, Chairman Hong Jie sets anexample himself. He studies hard in spite of heavy work. He is now studyingtowards his third EMBA degree. At 3Trees, from the management to grass-rootsemployees, everyone have access to training and learning benefits. In order tobuild a learning organization, 3Trees has set up 3Trees School of Business anduses huge budgets and special training funds for employee education. Inaddition to hundreds of sessions of the EDP Class, Top University EMBA Classand President Class held each year, we also organize employees to payexploratory visits to and carry out benchmarking learning in hundreds ofoutstanding enterprises in all fields. 3Trees’ employees always have themindset of thinking of their own defects and mistakes and put emphasis on theprinciple that experiences are equal to incompetence. When experiences stay thesame while things are changing, they will become obstacles. We stress thatcontinuous learning is the key to success. Take the initiative to blaze newtrails and explore. Learn at work and work while learning. It’s never too oldto work and learn. Apply what one has learnt. By transforming knowledge intothe ability to reform and innovate, one can keep up with the ever-changingtimes and maintain youth and vitality forever.


Efficiency – execute efficiently, do itright now and well

Give top priority to important things. In theage of fast fish eating slower fish, the magic key to 3Trees’ rapid developmentis to have an efficient execution team.

Effective managers know how and where tospend their time. They work systematically by making good use of limited time.They attach importance to actual contributions and they work for results ratherthan for the sake of work. In fact, our work is the process of solving problemsand accomplishing goals by different means. It is critical to choose a goodmethod in this process.

At 3Trees, we are required to have theability to finish tasks by 100%; to understand the goal-oriented principle andtime management principle; to response quickly and do it right now and well. Weshall get our work done without blindness. We plan ahead before doing thingsand we make stage-by-stage plans. Only those who take each study step canapproach success. Give top priority to important things. Work in order ofpriority. Set such priority for oneself and stick to it firmly.


Perfection – keep improving until absoluteperfection

Ultimate perfection and craftsman spirits arethe style of 3Trees’ employees in doing things and the intrinsic requirementsfor quality of products and services.

It is a mental state and existence to pursueperfect work performance. At 3Trees, we hope that our employees are not easilysatisfied with adequate work performance in work and strive for the best bygiving full play to their highest talents so that they can becomeindispensable. It is never possible to get work done flawlessly. However, whenone seeks perfection, he/she can achieve improvement and become more perfect.When we keep enhancing our own strength and improving our own abilities, wewill have higher and higher standards for ourselves. This is the bestembodiment of professional spirits. 3Trees people will never be satisfied andthey strive for improvement with the attitude of pursuing perfection. They keepgoing beyond themselves and move from ordinariness to excellence and toremarkableness.


(3)     Sense of gratitude: Those who lovetheir countries, parents, families, enterprises and themselves will havesuccessful careers.

Return much for little help. Thesense of gratitude is a traditional virtue of Chinese people. A grateful hearthas been praised highly since ancient times. The sense of gratitude is thephilosophy of conducting oneself in the society and an attitude towards life.It is generated from love and hope for life. One who knows how to be thankfuland seeks ways to return his/her kindness is the wealthiest person in theworld. Gratitude and benevolence are closely related. A man with a gratefulheart will become more modest, respectable and noble. The sense of gratitudewill allow people to live in harmony, kindness, joy and health. 3Trees alwayseducate its employees on and develop their sense of gratitude.


We shall be grateful to our greatcountry and the Chinese Communist Party. Without the leadership of the Party,there would be no independently-developing New China or increasingly rich newlives or the stable and unified beautiful political and economic environment.We are proud of living in China. We stand up for the Party and we love ourmotherland. We are willing to dedicate our lifelong vigor to make ourmotherland prosperous and strong.


We are grateful that 3Trees hasprovided us with a platform to develop our life career. We are grateful that 3Treeshas created opportunities for us to grow and strengthen ourselves. We aregrateful for the benefits, remunerations and numerous trainings that 3Trees hasgiven to us. We are grateful for the helps, praises and criticism from 3Treesand our colleagues. It is 3Trees that enables us to fight without worry, createour own career and glories in life. We love 3Trees and its people. We shall bedevoted to our work and career with heart and soul. We work passionately and doour best to go beyond our goals. We live up to the trust put on us and surpass3Trees’ expectation for us.


We are grateful for the love andcare received from our parents; we are grateful for our spouses’ mutualunderstanding and company; we are grateful for family happiness and hope continuationgiven by our children. Home is the shelter in our life and the habitat forlife. We love our families and make great efforts to show filial piety to theelders and give love and care to our children. We carry forward Chinese filialpiety culture to build our beautiful homes.


We are grateful to our users.Without them, our enterprise will lose the survival foundation for developmentand we will also lose the foundation of our survival. Users are the source ofour income. We must serve our users well with highest sincerity by respondingto their needs and solving their problems as soon as possible. We respect themas we do to our parents and provide them with delight services. We are gratefulthat our parents give us our precious lives. We shall cherish ourselves bystriving to cultivate our mind and doing exercises carefully. We shall maintaina healthy mindset and good physical conditions. We shall accept ourselves. Weshall take the initiative to do good deeds and return to the society


  1. 2.     Tao of Conducting Oneself

1Principleof conducting oneself and doing things: conducting oneself well before doingthings, giving before taking

Because he opposes no one, no onein the world can oppose him. To succeed, a man needs to have help from others.To do so, he shall learn how to conduct himself first. The society functions inaccordance with the laws of energy conservation and causal circle. One needs topay before he is paid. No pain, no gain. The more he pays, the more he gets.This is an eternally immutable law. Therefore, to conduct oneself well is togive before take. When money gathers, people get separated; money shall bespent to gather people. Disadvantage is a blessing – this is the mindset ofbenefit distribution which is upheld at us at 3Trees. One needs to take along-term view in conducting himself and doing things. At 3Trees, we practicethe development concept of always looking on long-term interests rather thanfocusing on short-term gains. The development of things goes throughcultivation and growth periods before reaching maturity. Seeds must be sowed inthe early period to get harvest in the later period. To make great success, oneneeds to have the concept of allowing others to get more while he gets less inmaking transactions with each individual so that he can get wide support frompeople for his brilliant achievement. When such great achievement is made, hewill get both fame and wealth. In this way, we can acquire a glorious cause andlife in harmony and mutual development. 3Trees highlights that our employeesshall convince our partners with their moral quality and then win their fancyfor 3Trees. After that, we can request our partners to convince users withtheir moral quality and win users’ loyalty.


2Theprinciple of Four Noes: no showing off, no justifying oneself, no boasting, nopraising oneself

He does not show off; therefore,he shines. He does not justify himself; therefore, he is revered. He does notboast; therefore, he is honored. He does not praise himself; therefore, heremains.

At 3Trees, we hope that ouremployees are not self-centered in viewing and doing things; but rather, theyanalyze the nature and laws of things from multiple perspectives and listen tovarious opinions. They act consistently with a modest, prudent and practicalattitude. Only without self-opinion can they can view things objectively andsee the nature of things.

3Trees advises our employees to beaware of their own defects and mistakes and not to consider themselves alwaysright. Be willing to admit one’s mistakes and criticize himself; acceptcriticism from others while respecting their opinions so that one can bepraised and respected. At 3Trees, we are required not to be self-contented withand show off for a minor success; we shall not sing our own praises or beself-conceited. We shall to be not elated by success nor disturbed by failure.We shall always maintain peace of mind so that we can achieve the finalsuccess.


  1. 3.     Tao of Services

(1)     Principleof “doing it right now”: do it right now and as early as possible and do itwell

3Trees’ Tao of services focuses onefficient execution first with no buck passing or delay. Specific requirementsare as follows:

Do it right now: be on call at alltimes; act immediately; today must borrow nothing of tomorrow.

Don’t be a slight-pause mark inaction;

Do it as early as possible: beuser and partner-centric; provide services ahead of schedule to delight ourexternal customers; take the initiative to serve upstream and downstreampositions internally to win respect from our colleagues. Be an exclamation markthat deserves praise!

Do it well: solve problems quicklywith ultimate perfection and create value. I am the period for anything.


(2)     Sunnyprinciple: we smile with sincerity in our hearts

Secondly, 3Trees’ Tao of servicesare based on sincerity.

Our users and partners are thosethat we rely on for a living. We always provide services sincerely with thesense of gratitude. First, we treat people and do things warmly. We take theinitiative to smile to our users and partners. Second, we do things in an open,transparent and trustworthy way. We deal with all things by following theprinciple of creating value for our uses. Where there are systems andagreements, we follow them; where there are no systems or agreements, we followour corporate core values; in the case that systems and agreements contradictour corporate core values, such systems and agreements shall be modified andthen followed.


  1. 4.     Tao of Working Together

1Principleof Four Noes: No family, no faction, no hierarchy, no gift and entertainment

No family:3Trees is a very clean enterprise. Such cleanness refers to not only the visualenvironment at 3Trees, but also clean interpersonal relationship and managementatmosphere. As a non-family-owned enterprise, no one in the executive team at3Trees is a close relative of Chairman Hong Jie. He sets an example in thisregard by refusing each of his relatives to take any critical role.

No faction:3Trees features no factional disputes among departments and centers. 3Treesupholds the principle that it’s business and nothing personal. For internal andexternal conflicts, we focus on elimination of external conflicts; for externalconflicts, we focus on satisfying our customers’ needs. When we are doingthings and work, we follow policies if they are available or systems orprocesses where there is no policies, or our corporate core values where thereis no systems and processes. This has created a unified, positive andcooperative corporate atmosphere.

No hierarchy: At 3Trees, all managers and employees are equal and enjoy noprivileges. They eat and live together, dress the same and travel in the sameway. They face the same punishment for violation against disciplines.

No gift and entertainment: 3Treesrequires the management to spend their precious time in learning, serving theirsubordinates and keeping fit, and reduce unnecessary gifts and entertainment.It resolutely put an end to the socializing and networking featuring luxury anddissipation or wining and dining. It prohibits higher authorities from acceptingany entertainment or gift from their subordinates (except good books). None of3Trees’ marketing personnel is allowed to take any offer as gift from anycustomer in terms of marketing. However, 3Trees always encourages members ofthe management who are on business trips for marketing purpose to visit theircustomers with more local specialties from Putian.


2Principleof teamwork: one tree does not make a forest; walking alone allows one to walkfast, but walking in a group allows him to walk far.

An individual cannot beunbeatable, but a team can. A tree cannot fight against howling winds andfringing rains, but a forest can face sandstorms. At 3Trees, we always stick tothe teamwork concept that one tree does not make a forest. We create a unified,aggressive, positive and healthy team at 3Trees. We advocate equality, trustand mutual encouragement among team members. We highlight the awareness ofoverall situation by putting aside minor differences to seek common groundamong departments. Thus, we foster the team spirits of taking the initiative toact and work cooperatively with tacit understanding and trust to accomplish acommon goal.

3Trees does not favor individualheroism. It hopes that each employee does not bring their own preference intoteam operations. Individuals’ benefits are subject to corporate benefits. Weare required to conscientiously overcome and correct any act that goes againstour team’s goals.


  1. III.           Prohibitions

  2. 1.     Three Disciplines and SevenProhibitions

Three disciplines

Establishment of morality – never cross the“RMB 20” integrity baseline

Establishment of words – suit the action tothe word; act on what one says; don’t make a promise randomly

Establishment of deeds – accomplish goalsresolutely and execute commands firmly


Seven prohibitions

Prohibition 1: Do not violate national lawsand regulations or corporate systems

Prohibition 2: Do not hold a concurrent postor leave post during working hours; do not make a false report of attendance oritinerary

Prohibition 3: Do not participate in orcover up manufacturing or sale of counterfeits; do not conceal what one knowsof manufacturing or sale of counterfeits

Prohibition 4: Do not make a false report ofexpenses

Prohibition 5: do not delay or pass thebuck; today must borrow nothing of tomorrow.

Prohibition 6: Do not disclose 3Trees’ tradesecrets; do not participate in any activity which is detrimental to theinterests of our company

Prohibition 7: Do not borrow money or thingsfrom our customers; do not accept any entertainment or gift from our customeror subordinates

If one violates any of the aboveprovisions, he/she shall be dismissed, except that any violation ofProhibitions 1, 2, 5 and 7 above shall be subject to national laws andcorporate systems.


  1. 2.     Ten Safety Prohibitions

3Trees Ten Safety Prohibitionswere implemented officially as of July 1, 2016. Anyone who violates it would bereleased from labor contract without getting any compensation.

Prohibition 1: It is strictly prohibited tosmoke in a non-smoking area.

Prohibition 2: It is strictly prohibited toviolate requirements for electrostatic prevention.

Prohibition 3: Staff members are strictlyprohibited from leaving their posts when hazardous chemicals are loaded orunloaded or when materials are pumped or fed.

Prohibition 4: It is strictly prohibited toviolate the fire operation permission procedure.

Prohibition 5: It is strictly prohibited toreport to duty while intoxicated.

Prohibition 6: It is strictly prohibitedthat one is not buckled up when operating at the height above 2 meters with therisk for fall.

Prohibition 7: It is strictly prohibited toviolate energy isolation, locking or sign hanging procedures.

Prohibition 8: It is strictly prohibited toviolate the restricted space operation permission procedure.

Prohibition 9: Those who do not havequalification certificates are strictly prohibited from any special operationor special equipment operation.

Prohibition 10: It is strictly prohibited todrive a motor vehicle without a driving license or while intoxicated.


  1. 3.     Ten Quality Prohibitions

Prohibition 1: Production shall be carriedout in strict accordance with green factory requirements; it is strictlyprohibited to use any technology, process, equipment or material which areeliminated or prohibited as announced by the State or competent authorities.

Prohibition 2: It is strictly prohibited tomodify, delete or back up control systems, equipment programs and data withoutauthorization.

Prohibition 3: It is strictly prohibited toset up technological thresholds by double standards.

Prohibition 4: It is strictly prohibited tochange materials, formula, processes or equipment without permission; it isstrictly prohibited to modify or replace labels without permission.

Prohibition 5: It is strictly prohibited toimplement production operations in violation of process regulations.

Prohibition 6: It is strictly prohibited tomake false data; rejected products are strictly prohibited from going into thenext step of the process.

Prohibition 7: It is strictly prohibited tomake samples or start production based on orders before confirmation of colornumbers or serial numbers.

Prohibition 8: Two-person double check isrequired for preparing materials and first and last pieces must be confirmed instrict accordance with requirements in packaging.

Prohibition 9: Protective measures shall betaken in the process of material storage and transportation and exposure tointensive sunlight or rain is strictly prohibited.

Prohibition 10: It is prohibited to startconstruction before technological disclosure; each batch of products shall betested in small quantity on wall after arrival; products from different batchesshall avoid application on the same wall.

If one violates Ten Quality Prohibitions, inconformity with our company’s Employee Reward and Punishment System, he/sheshall be punished by recording a demerit to the extent of being dismissed.Besides, he/she shall compensate for appropriate financial losses. If he/sheviolates the criminal law, he/she shall be submitted to a judiciary authority.