Social Responsibility

Symbiosis, win-win and prosper together

Being a good corporate citizen, 3trees advocated enterprise shall contribute to the progress of social civilization, the industrial healthy development, the healthy life of customers. As the healthy life initiator, creating a healthy life as the core mission, 3trees participated in various public welfare undertakings: to protect the mother river; donate the Wenchuan disaster; millions donation; planting trees, in harmony with the society.

Prosper together is a win-win situation for the whole industry chain. From investors, suppliers to distributors, 3trees built a sustainable wealth for business partners, improving common growth. In the years of rapid growth, 3trees quickly let many partners success through business school including dozens of CEO class, distributor training courses, shopping guide training, experienced promote meeting, health product promotion and other training systems. Relying on mature profit pattern and enterprise culture, we have made dozens of millionaires and hundreds of millionaires, achieved a win-win situation. 

Enterprise was like a circus, holding each other, helping each other. Stage made star performers, star performers achieve circus, and common development was for common prosperity. 3trees was like this, delivered health, nature and happiness, providing her staffs the platform with no ceiling or boundaries, a platform of self development, and stage of success.  

Social value is greater than the value of the enterprise, from society to society

Since the day of born, 3trees established the theory of “from society, attribute to society”, pursuing company and society, peer company, company and nature, part and whole of a company, company’s long-term and short-term interests, ideal and reality, corporate culture and traditional culture, corporate culture and industry culture, company staffs complement each other.  

While developing, Mr. Hong Jie, the president of 3trees considered not just simply a matter of survivor, but also of growing bigger and stronger, creating more wealth for the society, more jobs and tax revenue. Mr. Hong Jie said repeatedly that social value should be the final goal, and shall participate in public welfare undertaking, sunshine project, pay back to the society, employees and business partners to the maximum extend. Nowadays, this theory has become the corporation culture of 3trees and also the highly conscious consistent behavior of employees. 

For years, 3trees participated in social welfare undertaking, sunshine projects and devoted tremendous enthusiasm and generosity, in total¥50m ($7.72m), establishing a good image.