Corporate Mission

Making Homes Healthier and CitiesMore Beautiful

Man and nature form a single community. Manmust respect nature, submit to nature, and

protect nature. Only by following the lawsof nature can we effectively prevent the development

and utilization of nature from goingastray. Harm to nature will eventually become human to man, which is anirresistible rule.


The modernization that China seeks is onecharacterized by the harmonious coexistence of man and nature and in line withecological civilization. It is important to create more material and spiritualwealth to meet the growing needs of the public for a higher quality of life; itis equally important to build a more beautiful environment to meet the growingecological needs of the public. In the process of building a modern country, wemust consistently give priority to conservation, preservation and restorationof nature, and create resource-saving and environmentally friendly spatiallayouts, industrial structures, production modes, and ways of life.

Only by doing this can nature regain itstranquility, harmony and beauty. Therefore, 3Trees must

closely follow the national developmentstrategies and the requirements of harmony between man and nature. Through itsproducts and services, 3Trees makes homes healthier and cities more beautiful,meeting the aspirations of the public for a beautiful and healthy life. This isthe core mission established by 3Trees in response to the developmental trendof the times; it also reflects the value of 3Trees’ existence in the world.


 (I) Making Homes Healthier

Our living environment exerts a subtle,lasting influence on our health. To build a healthier

living environment for the public hasalways been 3Trees’ mission for humanistic care. Everyone

has a home and to make it healthier is tomake everyone healthier. It reflects 3Trees’ commitment to the wellbeing of theworld and is a positive response to the growing aspirations of the public for ahigher quality of life. 3Trees explores healthy lifestyles from the perspectiveof the home environment. It has created health ecology science and taken thelead in setting new health standards for the industry. Moreover, it spreadshealth concepts by providing healthy products and services; it does its utmostto ensure the health of all homes, all people, and all painting workers.


Setting New Health Standards: The kind of healthchampioned by 3Trees followsestablished rules and is evidence-based. With the rapidly increasinguse of  green building materials and consumerdemand for healthy and eco-friendly products, 3Trees has been actively involved in theformulation of product standards in the coatings industry, and in the process,it has introduced five new sets of “Health+ ” standards. The product healthindicator requirements that 3Trees have established, followed and promoted not only exceednational standards but also advanced international standard requirements. The tried-and-tested“Health+ ” standards, established by 3Trees byreferencing and comparing the advanced standards of the U.S. and Europe, havecontributed to the transformation and upgrading of the coatings industry as awhole.


Offering One-Stop Healthy Products: Productsconstitutes a direct channel of dialoguebetween the enterprise and its customers. 3Trees ensures that“healthy, natural and green” are the core attributes of its products. Taking the supply of healthyproducts as the foundation of its survival and development, 3Trees has rolled out a wide range ofproducts conforming to the Health +” standards, including emulsionpaint, exterior wall paint, wood lacquer, art paint, diatom ooze coating, putty powder, waterproof materials, interfaceagents, seaming agents, tile glue, white glue, and other products used in home decoration.Customers enjoy one-stop purchasing of 3Trees products as they can buy everything they need;they can make sure that their homes are healthy on both the inside and the outside and everywherefrom wall surfaces to desktops.


Providing Customized Total Home Service for“Immediate Move-in”: It’s 3Trees’ conviction thatwhat customers purchase is not just a healthy product, but importantly ahealthy culture and a healthy lifestyle, which is built on service. 3Trees’customized total home service system for “immediate move-in” is endorsed by its brand, tied toclean delivery, underpinned by after-sales quality assurance, and charged by square meter. Thereare products for both new home decoration and old home repainting. They not only ensure the healthof construction workers but also save customers from the trouble that often comes with thechoice of coatings and workers and help them keep their homes in a clean and neat condition duringdecoration. Thus, workers enjoy their work and customers have peace of mind and no healthy concerns.


 (2) Making Cities More Beautiful

With the increasing popularity of green, eco-friendly,energy-saving and low-carbon concepts, the steady progress of new urbanization,and the popularization of green buildings, it is incumbent on 3Trees, as an outstandingcorporate citizen, to contribute to the creation of more beautiful cities and abeautiful country. To this end, internally, 3Trees is building green factories,while externally, it is offering high-tech low-carbon eco-friendly colorfulbuilding coatings to spruce up the appearance of buildings and beautify cities.

  BuildingMore Beautiful Enterprises: Beautiful enterprisesare part of the

landscape of cities and their draw cards.Beautiful cities and beautiful China should start from beautiful enterprises.3Trees incorporates the concept of ecological civilization into its industrialpark planning and construction, enabling its facilities to blend perfectly intothe landscape. Its head office features 24 fascinating scenes, including a “carforest”, an ecological parking shed, century-old litchi trees, “Cape of GoodHope”, and “Angling Platform”. Its green production lines are free of pollutionthroughout the process from product to production and to consumption. With the chirpingof birds and the humming of machines harmonized, 3Trees is dubbed “an enterpriseof intoxicating beauty” and is recognized as one of the biggest draw cards ofits home city. All 3Trees factories have been built in strict adherence to thehead office’s construction philosophy, demonstrating the company’s commitmentto doing its part for the “Beautiful China” program.


Giving the Cities a Facelift: With the increasingly stringent requirements for the safety, eco-friendlinessand energy efficiency of buildings, coatings are replacing ceramic tiles as themain material for buildings’ exterior walls, becoming the “beautician” of thecities and the

dominant material in the construction ofpassive houses. Through technological innovation, 3Trees has developed variousimitation stone paints, such as tinsel stone, texture paint, real stone paint, androck sliver paint. Its other innovative products include: “wall-cleaning andsmog-removing” coating, which can remove smog and clean itself;light-deflecting paint with a heat insulation function; and a color matchingsystem with rich colors. These products not only allow buildings’ exteriorwalls to have a color mimicking that of natural stones, but also reduce theconstruction costs of exterior walls and endow them with the functions of heatinsulation, energy conservation, and air regulating. The resulting landmarkbuildings make the cities more beautiful and the air more refreshing.


Building a Beautiful China: “Crystal-clear streams and verdant mountains” are as precious asgold and silver. China in its natural condition must be tranquil, harmoniousand beautiful. 3Trees not just contributes to “beautiful China” by building abeautiful enterprise and sprucing up the cities. It also embraces the principleencapsulated in the saying that “Tao models itself after nature” and constantlyintroduces innovative products which consume less natural resources, in orderto better preserve natural resources and the ecological environment. To draw moreattention to environmental degradation and air pollution and to advocatesustainable development modes, 3Trees spares no efforts to help advance the“Mother River” conservation program, desert control, air quality improvement,development of intoxicatingly beautiful countryside, targeted poverty reliefoperations, and other charitable programs. All such efforts are aimed atawakening the conscience of more people and inspire more entrepreneurs tocontribute to the improvement of the environment on which people depend fortheir survival.