Enterprise Character

Enterprise Mission: to create a healthy life

Healthy 3trees, for the benefit of millions of households. Whether in the past or in the future. 3trees unswervingly will "healthy, natural, green" as the use of the product value and brand core value, to offer health products as enterprise survival and development of the fundamental meaning. In the marketing idea of the 3trees, consumers are not only buying health products, it’s health culture and healthy way of life.

3trees are willing to bring tens of thousands of households like nature, fresh and comfortable experience, share health, safety, fashion, low carbon, personality and rich taste of the life.

Healthy life comes from health products, health products from the health factory. Walking into the industrial park, almost no paint smell. To "create a healthy life" for the mission of the enterprise, the construction of Ecological Industrial Park is only the beginning of 3Trees to build the starting point of the "healthy ecological chain".

Corporate Vision: to become a leading brand of health paint

In 2002, 3trees pioneered in the industry "healthy paint" concept, and launched a systematic operation. Just ten years, she has become the representative of healthy paint brand in the industry. In perceptual consumption is leading the Chinese market, rely on advertising and packaging of pseudo health products abound, with "healthy paint” for public commitment and the need of having great courage and confidence. 3trees determined to become synonymous with healthy paint, lead a healthy coating category, in the minds of consumers "Healthy true experts".

The brand is to serve the country; 3trees founder Mr. Hong Jie has constant national feelings. In today's China, the west wind, "the East sees the west" has become the trend of many industries. Be chasing exotic goods, Europe and the United States has became the vane. Love Chinese traditional culture of Hong Jie convinced that as long as adhering to the profound wisdom of the East, learn to make good use of Western management methods and techniques, local enterprises have full strength, ability, courage in the international arena and competing with world brands.

Core Values: integrity, responsibility, learning, implementation, excellence

1Integrity: 3trees credit limit line is 20 yuan

Honesty is the traditional virtue of the Chinese culture; it is the fundamental thing for people. Ability to have limits but integrity has not. For honesty, Mr. Hong Jie describes: honesty is like glass, is fragile, its one-time to everyone. Therefore, 3trees require all employees to be honest, pay attention to credibility, fairness, seeking truth from facts; requires all employees have no fraud to cheat, gossip, earnestly fulfill their commitments and reach agreement, earnestly fulfill their powers and duties entrusted by the company; requires all employees must comply with the corporate system and the social morality, do not encroach on the interests of the interests of the company and others.

In 3trees, honesty is most important. Company staffs have 100% the faith to customers, this also requires employees commit to the company, to the community, to partners, to consumers in the enterprise, it is absolutely not allowed to act in bad faith, and it is absolutely not allowed to exist. As described by Mr. Hong Jie: people have two lives, one is the parents give us life, one is the integrity of life, the loss of good faith is the loss of life. For the integrity of the understanding, there is another layer of meaning in 3trees. Enterprises emphasize: 3trees is in the rapid development, will inevitably facing all kinds of management issues, market issues, problems are not terrible, what is terrible is running away from the problem. Managers at all levels must bear in mind that in 3trees, conceal the problem is same as cheating; it will be included in the category of bad faith and will eventually be failed from company.

2Responsibility: responsibility is a force

Every person in this world, in each period, each environment, have a certain responsibility, including the responsibility to the community, the responsibility of the enterprise, the family responsibility, the responsibility of the staff or colleagues. The meaning of responsibility is not only what we want to do, what is more important is what we should do. A lot of people's sense of responsibility is limited to the implementation, and the lack of a strong sense of the work has been insisted on, the lack of attention to the enterprise at all times. A watershed between winners and losers is: treat conscientious work or do things carelessly.

3trees advocated the responsibility consciousness reflected in the positive attitude. We do not think that an employee who goes by working hours is a dedicated staff. We require that any employee no matter what position, in what position, should be loyal and conscientious. Consciously put their own business, life into the development of the company, to the standard of professional people, strict demands on themselves, and the courage to self review, the courage to take responsibility, work quality and efficiency.

The responsibility is reflected in the work quality. To be responsible for all works. Good at discovering, analyzing and solving problems; and safeguard the interests of the company, pay close attention to the development of the company, about a colleague growth; strive to do the work of integrity, continuity, scientific, not looking for any excuse to delay; if there is spare capacity should be initiative to help colleagues to complete the work.

3Learning: either Learn or disappear, learning is the foundation

The competition between enterprises is actually the competition of talents, and the characteristic of outstanding talents is his study and innovation. In the era of knowledge economy, new changes and new ideas emerge in an endless stream, which is forcing us to continue to learn continuously. 3trees to learning as a system is an important task and the learning ability of competitiveness as incorporated into the plan of development and competition strategy, and racking their brains to improve the learning environment, create learning opportunities, to create a learning atmosphere.

"A wood without carving cannot become a useful artifact, just like people do not learn will left unknown, Mr. Hong Jie require employees to master efficient learning methods, integrating learning resources, the formulation and implementation of the personal career planning, to ensure that learning to become a lifetime of each employee of the golden key.

In the corporate learning forum, he often sincerely told staff: learning or disappear, learning is the conduct; the key to success is not you are the original owner but the amount of knowledge, He stressed that all 3trees members should foster correct learning concept, master the scientific method, have intensive reading; learn and practice, the colleagues with an open mind to learn, to peer learning, to lower learning, learn to learners, to practice. To learn more about, thinking should be forward-looking and independent, not only books, only the truth.

4Execution: 30% Strategy, 70% Action

30% Strategy, 70% Action. Execution is the action force, the execution is the battle force, the execution is the competition ability, the execute, the execute, the execute again, like Roman Culture, like the letter to carry out, can grow from the soldier to the general.

Business are like battlefield, the execution is the key factor that determines the success or failure of the enterprise, 3trees persist from two aspects of system and mechanism of set challenging goals, formulate feasible action plan, established to evaluate the content and performance standards, through the right strategies and methods, requiring employees to think for strategy, to grasp the timely and follow up the entire process. In the implementation process, according to the objective laws, according to the process, according to the system, there is no excuse, go all out to do the best.

No matter how perfect strategy, tactics, system are, the key is to execute. Without execution, there is a heroic utterance mouth empty word. 3trees implements of the implementation force, also emphasizes the execution efficiency, pay attention to aging and timing, require employees to quickly implement company strategy, tactics, system, to ensure that the target to implement vigorous and resolute.

5Excellence: from ordinary to extraordinary, from excellent to outstanding

In daily work, Mr. Hong Jie fighting spirit and work enthusiasm is amazing, he has more than once educating employees: to have the desire to succeed, to have the perfect attitude; from the mundane to the elite, from good to great, and constantly go beyond yourself, need to endure ordinary people cannot bear lonesome, eat ordinary people can eat hard, ordinary people can make the effort. Every night until 11, Mr. Hong Jie's office lights are always on. 3trees employees know that night before 11 to find Hong Jie, as dial telephone call to his office. More times at night, light from Mr. Hong Jie office underscored the culture become fear ahead towards excellence in the warmth of the light.