Brand event

Over the past decade, SKSHU became the representative of ultra rapid developing in China paints and coatings industry depending on the unique strategy.

  • 2002
    SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd established.
    SKSHU Technology Center was certified as “Provincial Grade Technology Center”.
  • 2004
    The president of SKSHU, Mr. Hong Jie, was nominated as Fujian Top 10 Start-up Celebrities.
    SKSHU won “China Top Brand”.
  • 2005
    SKSHU was elected as manned spacecraft “Shenzhou Ⅵ” carried coating brand.
  • 2006
    SKSHU organized 1st Litchi Culture Festival along with the forming of unique “SKSHU Litchi Culture”.
  • 2007
    SKSHU donated CNY Ten Millions for the ecological maintenance of Mother River.
    September, The publication of enterprise culture, , was officially published.
  • 2008
    May, SKSHU donated goods worth of millions to Wenchuan quake-hit area.
    September, SKSHU reached agreement of strategic cooperation with CNR.
    September, SKSHU was elected as manned spacecraft “Shenzhou Ⅶ” carried coating brand.
  • 2009
    October, SKSHU 300,000 tons annual output of Waterborne Coating Produce Base Project started construction.
    November, SKSHU won the bidding of CCTV prime time advertising by CNY 86.56 Million.
  • 2010
    October, SKSHU reached agreement of strategic cooperation with the CCTV hit show “I Want to Perform in China's New Year Gala".
    November, SKSHU obtained “the national identified technology center” by the national five ministries and commissions.
  • 2011
    SKSHU Space Paint launched. It is the first type of product with “Space” concept in paints and coatings industry.
    May, Post-Doctoral Research Center and Academician Experts’ Workstation established. The scientific research capability reached a peak stage.
    August, SKSHU reached agreement of strategic cooperation with the CCTV3 hit show “Art Life".
  • 2012
    April, The former prime minister of state council of China, Wen Jiabao, visited SKSHU.
    August, SKSHU Test Center passed the review by CNAS.
    October, SKSHU won the 3rd “Fujian Provincial Quality Prize”.
    November, SKSHU sponsored the 5th Asian Gymnastics Championships.
    December, SKSHU invited French Nobel Prize for Chemistry winner Jean-Marie Lehn as chief technical adviser.
  • 2013
    February, The president of SKSHU, Mr. Hong Jie, was elected as a representative of the 12th National Congress.
    March, SKSHU organized public activity, “Fresh Air”, to spread the philosophy of environmental-friendly and propose the idea of green development.
    September, SKSHU invested TV series “Sunshine in Me” and attempted to the TV series promotion.
    November, SKSHU sponsored “World Long-Shi Championships”.
    November, SKSHU “Air Quality Concern Activity” and new product release conference started in Xiamen.
  • 2014
    January, SKSHU reached agreement of strategic cooperation with the CCTV13 hit program “Oriental Horizon".
    March, SKSHU undertook 2014 China Paints & Coatings and Pigments Industry Annual Meeting.
    July, SKSHU held “Fujian Top Ten Beautiful Countryside” selection activity with Strait News.
    August, SKSHU won the prize of “China Architectural Coating Top Brand”.
  • 2015
    March, SKSHU became a member of China famous ecological organization “SEE”.
    June , SKSHU won “China Top 500 Most Valued Brand” by brand worth of 9.294 billion.