Brand Commitment

“Healthy, Natural, Green” is the theory that 3trees has been insisted on since she was born in 2002. Not just harmless products been produced, 3trees has also delivered the healthy paint conception to all the employees, distributors, supply chain, business partners, end users and the entire society.

The president Mr. Hong believes that “the happiness of employees, the profit of distributors, the revenue of government and contribution to society are the responsibility of 3trees” Creating a healthy life as the core responsibility, 3trees has built up a comfortable working area for her staffs, helped her employees and business partners to develop themselves, delivered harmless products and heart-touching services, been energy saving, emission reduction, environment protection, participating glorious events, fulfilled social responsibility. 

3trees will always implement health concept to business ethics, social concern, environmental protection etc. 3trees also produced healthy products, delivered comprehensive customer service, and created a healthy life for the employees and business partners.