Brand Orientation

We believe the product that close to nature, respecting nature and protecting nature is the best product in the chemical industry. 3trees has a faith in the power of nature, producing our coating.

We deeply understand the air from indoor and outdoor will finally come together, so we concern the relationship between the environment and people from a small private space to a big exterior space with comprehensive perspective. From the public to the extreme groups who need care, from one wall to many walls, only taking everything into consideration, we can protect a pure and fresh natural breath to everyone.

As we take innovation as our responsibility, introducing natural and fresh power to the industry full of chemistry atmosphere with science and technology evolution. We evolve the whole cycle of technology-development, production, using, and recycle to turn into eco-friendly and high quality products. We do not skip any step from upstream to downstream, keeping exploring the new level of eco-friendly and health. We believe that wall decoration is not showcase project. Only focus the whole coating application process, from the inside out to ensure the real health of workers and residents.

As we are born human, we want to live in a comfortable pressure-free space just like you. So we elaborate the pleasant sensual experience by using the environmentally sound pigment, designing a cozy color scheme. All these will implement the direct visual communication with you and your home. The fresh smell will make you feel like in a natural environment. Only satisfying your sensual experience, your home will be durable, last for years just like new. Decreasing the possibility of recoating, which help to protect our environment. 

Only in this way can we create a safety, eco-friendly and high quality coating solutions, to embrace a healthier, cozier and more natural future with you.

3trees paint, healthy home.