Brand Communication

Traditional Medium

3trees has been keeping deep cooperation with China Central Television (CCTV) and has title sponsorship of CCTV-News, CCTV-1, CCTV-6, CCTV-8, and some famous TV program like Face to Face, Eyes On, Oriental Horizon, Walk of Fame, and Art Life. As for broadcast, 3trees is the strategic partner of China National Radio (CNR) for 8 years and advertising on Beijing Traffic Radio103.9, Fujian Radio100.7.Apart from these, 3trees advertising to obtain more users in Zhejiang TV, Shenzhen TV, Jiangsu TV, Dragon TV, and Heilongjiang TV. Mainstream medium like Reference News, China Paint News, Business Condition of Paint which have been cooperated to spread the brand value. Thousands of Billboard and wall advertising have covered all the market.

New media 

1,SEO Promotion

3trees has invest huge funds in Baidu Promotion of keywords and 3 main search engine including Baidu, 360, and Sogou so that 95% of potential customers can receive the publicity.

2,Precision Marketing

In 2015, 3trees invested 25 million to joint SDP agent which can collect 15 billion real time data daily of all network. The predict click will achieve a hundred million. Comparing with the traditional advertising, DSP advertising can lock on target customers in every network to realize precision marketing. Therefore we do not need to pay for flow rate of non target customers any more.

3,Vertical Website

3trees has invested millions of funds to 20 main vertical websites in order to catch eyes of the customers, promote products and improve competitive position. 100% of the professionals will receive publicity through medium. The predict exposure will be 2.2 billion and the click will be 20 million.

4,Social Medium

We interact with customers through social medium like Wechat and Micro-blog.

5,Data Monitor 

In order to monitor, analyze and feedback the real time data and ensure precision marketing and investment, 3trees has cooperated with Admaster Company and Second Hand Company who is the biggest the third party monitoring company.