About 3trees

Mr. Hong Jie

SKSHU Paint Co.,Ltd

—— CEO, Senior Economist,On-job Postgraduates

In 1994,I gave up my stable and lifelong job to start my own business. It was in only three years that I was plunged into debt of over a million from a multimillionaire. However, never had I thought of giving up. What touched me most was the support from all my partners and people of all circles.

In 2003, 3trees paint rose adhering to the gift of Nature and had undergone rapid growth by virtue of persistence. Under the “survival of the fittest and fission”, 3trees gradually became larger and stronger. In the era of increasing fierce competition, 3trees became one of the fastest developing brands with multiple rate of growth and was awarded China’s 500 most valuable brands.

For more than one decade, 3trees created achievements valued highly by the industry and society. The most important was that we have formed in practice the ecological culture of “to follow the nature and to improve healthily”. Experiencing strenuous efforts, I got that the success premise of a person or even an enterprise was not ability, knowledge, but the idea. Creating, enriching and optimizing 3trees’s company culture lies in the unity of our common idea, which included establishing common mission, vision, core value outlook and development goals. 

Opportunities are only open to those who are well-prepared. In 2003, 3trees proposed four development strategies----“Capital, Brand, Culture, and Talent”, and at the same time established the goals of being China’s fastest growing, the best employer and the most admired enterprise, which made 3trees again stood in the forefront of the industry. 

Along the way, I am pleased to see that my dream is coming true. Today, when the operation is getting better and better, I will re-examine my role as the helmsman of the enterprise and think about the development direction of 3trees. I will focus myself on the strategic planning for enterprise development so as to realize the mutual development of society, employees and partners. 

Fierce competition and challenge power coexist on the way forward. In the face of the third five-year planning, I look forward all employees can restart with bold verve and gut. 

Getting together with the partners of 3trees is karma based on life. The world is flat, but the road is tortuous. We are together to overcome all the difficulties and see landscape not far away.