About 3trees

Green Production Plant

Nature breeds everything is the theory that 3trees firmly believes in and complies for.

Ecological civilization that have been integrated into the construction scheme by 3trees to establish a 200,000 ㎡ industrial site, backing on to the Jiuhua Mountain, facing thousands mu of litchi orchard. On the conjunction of three natural water systems, the industrial area consisted of three main leaf shape buildings, i.e. business school, national-level technology center and office building, contrasting finely with the natural lake and litchi field. There were nearly 3,000 employees who lived and worked there. Along with the bird nests, bird sound, human voice and machine noise, 3trees industrial site was hailed as “the most beautiful industry”.

3trees persevered in manufacturing of the eco-friendly and low-carbon products. Relying on the sheer tenacity, she developed extremely fast and became the leading health paint brand. The brand value has reached about $2.2bn. “3trees paint, healthy to live” has been eulogized all over China. Father of supramolecular chemistry, Chemical Nobelist Prof Jean-Marie Lehn has been invited as the chief technical consultant for 3trees national-level technology center, Post-doctoral workstation and national proved lab, where there were hundreds of researchers are working for the provision of healthy product. The HQ and those production bases located at Tianjin, Sichuan and Henan provinces possessed the non-polluting, cleansing and automatic manufacturing shop. World class production equipments jointly operating with environmental protection system guaranteed every single paint drop that had the natural taste. 

Specializing in exterior architectural coatings e.g. Natural Stone paint, Texture Paint, Granite Paint and Rock-chip Paint, 3trees also introduced art paint from Italy, UV paint from Brazil, and polystyrene foam from Belgium, and launched the carrying experiments in Shenzhou Ⅵ and Ⅶ to produce the world first Space paint, serving end users via more than 15,000 sale networks worldwide together with the odorless paint series. 3trees became the preferred paint brand of Evergrande, Vanke, Greenland Group, China Overseas etc depending on the advanced technology, qualified products and sensation service.

Resource will be eventually exhausted and only culture endless. 3trees corporate culture includes material culture, system cultural and spiritual culture. The company provided 37 welfares covering the basic necessities of employees with free of charge, meanwhile promising that there was “No Worry fund” to support the sudden incidents of employees, which established the comprehensive Motherly care material culture. In the age of internet and big data, intellectualized 3trees insisted on innovative management and integrating IT application with industrialization, imports SAP, OA and other thousand systems to form 3trees iron discipline system culture. Powerise, Innovation and entrepreneurship inspired the passion of 3trees people. Corporate culture construction which was led by party building ,resulted in the fast development of 3trees. Meanwhile it promoted the development of Women Union. The book Imitation of Nature, ten clubs, periodical culture and new media made the corporate culture became the core-competitiveness of 3trees.

Walk on the road of harmony with humble heart and natural principles. In the future, 3trees will dedicate on the research of energy-saving & health paint products, with passion to carry the dream, with science & technology to embrace tomorrow. Together we embrace the future.